Sunday teleconference updates: Mike Bobo

Georgia coach Mark Richt had a family obligation that kept him from participating in his weekly teleconference with the media, so offensive coordinator Mike Bobo and defensive coordinator Todd Grantham pinch-hit for the head coach on Sunday.

Here are some highlights from Bobo's Q&A session:

On the difference between being 2-0 this year and 0-2 last year:

I think this year, especially here recently, we’ve done a good job of talking about just enjoying the moment we’re in and playing every game and finishing games. I think we did that on Saturday night.

The South Carolina game [in 2011] was a little bit like that game last night when we were kind of up and down and there were some turnovers in the game and some wild plays. We didn’t finish in the fourth quarter, but last night we did finish in the fourth quarter, and on the road in a very hostile environment. That team was ready to play and for our guys to go there and finish like they did and win it just hopefully shows the character of this football team. And if we can build on that win and use it as momentum and go back to work and do what we’ve got to do day in and day out to get better -- because there’s still a lot of things when you look at the tape that we can get better on, that’s the exciting thing.

Last year we felt like we got better from Week 1 to Week 2 and had a chance to be pretty good, but when you’re 0-2, sometimes it’s a little more difficult to get things turned around. But our guys focused and locked in and that’s what we’ve got to do this year, too. We’re 2-0 instead of 0-2, but we’ve still got to focus and lock in and worry about each game each week.

On freshman right tackle John Theus’ performance through two games:

I thought he played well last week, the first week. He had the injury and then it obviously set him back this week. Not being able to practice Thursday, I think it hurt him a little bit in this game.

But one thing, my two-game evaluation of him is he’s a tough kid that’s mentally and physically tough, that can handle a little bit of adversity and doesn’t get shook. He went through some adversity in the game the other night -- a couple of missed blocks and missed assignments -- but the guy continued to play hard and play physical and we’ve just got to get him out to practice this week so he can get better this week.

He’s still a baby. He’s had camp, four weeks of practice and was hurt all last week, so we don’t expect him to go out there and be the dominant guy on the edge like we think he can be in the future right now. But as long as he continues to get better, I think he can be an elite player in this league.

On Malcolm Mitchell’s role on offense now that Sanders Commings is back from suspension:

I promise you I’m going to go in there and politick hard for him offensively. I already walked in there in Coach Grantham’s meeting earlier this afternoon and asked what kind of offense FAU runs and what kind of personnel groups, how many receivers are they going to have on the field. He was trying to say they play five wides. I don’t think they play five wides, joking a little bit like he had to have him. But that’s something we’ll talk about as a staff.

He’s going to get back on offense some this week. We’ve already discussed about that earlier in camp. Whether it will be full-time yet, I don’t know, but I sure would love to have him on offense -- and he did a good job on defense the other night. He’s just a talented player that’s still young, he’s going to continue to get better and help this football team win.

On Marlon Brown’s big game against Missouri:

I was extremely proud of him. I was proud of the way he worked this offseason and how he improved as a receiver. I think the strength staff has done an unbelievable job with him in terms of his flexibility and his speed. He looks more and more like a complete receiver. I was really bummed out last week when we weren’t going to have him for that first game, he had the hamstring, but was glad he came out last night and had a good day. Like I said last night, hopefully this will give him some confidence moving forward that he can perform like that week in and week out.

On how tailback playing time is shaking out:

It’s based off production and Todd [Gurley] obviously had the biggest production last night -- the amount of yards and then yards per carry -- and he got the most. I don’t have the snaps off the top of my head, but I think he played almost 40 snaps, I think 39, and Keith [Marshall] played 22 and maybe Ken Malcome 13. I’m maybe not exactly right, but I know he played the most snaps by 12 or 13 and then some of the situations dictated where we were spreading them out and throwing it where he was in there, he didn’t get as many touches -- I’m talking about Todd -- but I think all of them did a nice job.

All of them ran hard. We obviously didn’t block the way we wanted to on every play. You’ve got to give Missouri a lot of credit. They were doing a lot of moving and a lot of slanting and twisting up front and getting guys free. But all of them are progressing. All of them are still young backs and they’re going to continue to improve and this will be another competition along with their first two games of how we grade them and their production where we can determine who the starter is. But I was pleased with all three of them.