Barking Dawgs: UGA quotes of the week

ATHENS, Ga. -- As the No. 5 Georgia Bulldogs (3-0 overall, 1-0 SEC) prepare for a key SEC East game against Vanderbilt (1-2, 0-1) on Saturday, here is a selection of quotes from the Bulldogs’ coaches and players from throughout the week:

“We’re all competitive people and things happen and you learn from it and you move on. You know, make sure we keep our focus on the game and get ready to play a game on Saturday.” -- Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham on his postgame argument with Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin last season.

“It kind of seems like these past three games it’s always someone going down. It presents some adversity, but I think Mark came in and did a very good job. I think he played very well. He had one play where he got Murray hit, but so did I and I’ve been starting for three games and I about got [Aaron] Murray decapitated.” -- Center David Andrews on how Mark Beard fared while filling in at left tackle last week against Florida Atlantic and how Andrews surrendered a second-quarter sack that resulted in a 15-yard facemask penalty against the Owls.

“I feel like people should respect us. I’m not worried about if they do or if they don’t. We just take it to them and do what we do week in and week out and by the end of the game they’ll know who we are and they will respect us.” -- Receiver Tavarres King on whether opponents respect Georgia’s receiving corps which lacks a clear-cut No. 1 option.

“We’ve practiced the things we busted and we reviewed it [Monday] in practice. They’re very easy fixes. I think we fixed them and now we’ve just got to make sure they don’t happen again in the game.” -- Defensive back Sanders Commings on eliminating the big plays the defense has surrendered thus far.

“If you don’t communicate, especially in our defense, one guy can mess up and the whole thing busts apart. So therefore, you’ve got to communicate with each other in order to be on the same page and make the plays we’re capable of making.” -- Outside linebacker Jarvis Jones on the importance of communication in preventing big plays.

“I think you prepare the same way for both of them. I think that Rodgers is a guy that’s really athletic, mobile, has some experience and played well for them last year. They obviously decided to make a change. The new guy comes in, they score a lot of points, so they’ve got a lot of confidence in both. So I would expect that we’ll see them. They’ve been tweaking their lineups a little bit.” -- Grantham on preparing to face either Jordan Rodgers or Austyn Carta-Samuels at quarterback.

“Coach [Mike] Bobo’s really given me the options to do what I want and work whatever side of the field. It’s just he says, ‘If you make a mistake, you’d better have a good reason why you worked there when you come back to me.’ It’s a lot of trust he’s put into me.” -- Murray on his expanding grasp of Georgia’s offensive scheme.

“The main thing is that we’re looking for a guy who will field the ball and communicate well. So I think we’re still searching for that, but it’s a tough job. You’re back there and guys are flying down the field getting ready to pop you as soon as you touch it and sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to catch it, to let it roll, to fair catch it or to return it. It’s a tough job and we’re trying to get someone who will go back there and just take the bull by the horns and make good decisions and communicated well to everybody and wrap up the ball.” -- Georgia coach Mark Richt on the Bulldogs trying out a number of different punt returners thus far.