Jordan Davis plays bigger than he looks

THOMSON, Ga. -- Georgia Bulldogs’ commit Jordan Davis (Thomson, Ga./Thomson) doesn’t look like the prototypical blocking tight end. Rather, the 6-foot-4, 225-pound senior calls to mind some of Georgia’s pass-catching tight ends like Orson Charles or Aron White. But when you see Davis on the field in the wing-T offense, images of Ben Watson or Jermaine Wiggins spring up due to his talent at sealing off defenders.

“I have been blocking most of my career,” Davis said. “I am pretty good at catching, but there is room for improvement. I am great at running routes, but with my ankle I can’t plant and get back to the ball. I think I am a better blocker. I have some weight to gain and some power to gain, but I think I am up to date on where I need to be as a blocker.”

Davis had a bum ankle in his recent game against St. Pius X (Ga.), but he was the only one who could tell.

“Because of my ankle sprain, I was not as explosive as I could be so I was pretty upset about that,” Davis said. “I wanted to dominate but I just didn’t have the strength in my ankle. I am icing it three times a day -- in the morning, during weightlifting and after practice. I am keeping it taped and I keep wearing my boot so it will heel up pretty fast. I could fire off the ball and make the first block but if I had to go fit up for a second one it would just give out on me.”

When he is fully healthy, Davis makes a habit of getting into the second level to pick up blocks, according to his coach Milan Turner, who once referred to Davis as a "baby giraffe."

“Jordan is a great blocker,” Turner said. “He has to be in our system.”

Davis will have to block at Georgia, too, and he says he has had plenty of practice.

“I am pretty good at that,” Davis said. “I have been doing it since my ninth-grade year.”

On one play against St. Pius X, Davis stunned a defensive end with a strong two-palmed punch to the shoulder pads. One of his hands slipped up to catch the end in the facemask. Davis was immediately contrite.

“I didn’t mean to do that but I was just trying to be explosive off the ball because I knew I couldn’t get to that second level and keep driving through him like normal,” Davis said.

That aggressiveness was a part of why Georgia tight ends coach John Lilly offered Davis a spot on the Bulldogs' squad. Davis accepted and has been visiting Georgia for every home game ever since.

“I am still very solid to Georgia,” Davis said. “I get mail from other schools and I got a bunch of phone calls right after the commitment, but I didn’t really answer. I talked to the other schools before I committed and told them I was done once I committed.”

Davis spoke to Lilly and the Georgia coaches on his last visit.

“They asked if I saw the tight ends that they had and if I understood why they need another tight end like me to stretch the field,” Davis said. “I think I can bring that to the table.”