Wesley Green on UGA, UF, FSU, Bama

DECATUR, Ga. -- Wesley Green was not exactly bored Friday night as his Martin Luther King (Ga.) Lions beat an outgunned but scrappy Arabia Mountain (Ga.) High School team 24-6 at Panthersville Stadium. The opposing quarterback, Trevous Reynolds, didn’t throw much in Green's direction, despite Green’s best efforts at playing possum.

“I didn’t get to do anything,” Green said. “I mean I tried. I wanted him to come to my side. I baited him a lot. He just didn’t throw the ball.”

It was a scene that plays out often as district coaches examine film on the ESPN Watch List cornerback and adjust their game plans accordingly.

“I guess they already knew what it was about,” Green said. “I guess they didn’t want to take a risk and throw it to my side. I wasn’t really bored since the receiver was giving me a lot of good work. It was a fun game. Our defensive line was getting a lot of pressure.”

When pressed if he actually got his uniform dirty, Green laughed and recalled his statistics for the night.

“I got a tackle,” Green said. “I got a tackle and a knockdown.”

The 5-foot-11, 165-pound junior’s presence on the field might not show up on the box score but major universities see his actual effect on the game. To that end Green has picked up nine offers, including the latest one from Indiana.

Green has not narrowed down his list of schools yet but there are a few programs that have gotten his attention more than the others.

“The ones that are sort of standing out right now would be Georgia, Florida and Auburn,” Green said. “I have been getting a lot of mail from Alabama, and Florida State has been on me heavy. I actually just sent my highlight tape to Florida State and they are supposed to be giving me a call back soon. I am also getting a lot of mail from UCLA.”

After Friday’s game Green took a moment to explain what he liked about some of the schools that are recruiting him:

Georgia: “They run a very good man coverage. If you didn’t notice, I played man the whole game. I like messing with my receivers, getting my hands on them. I like the way they play -- they have so much passion. Coach [Scott] Lakatos is a good guy. He sends me a lot of messages on Facebook. We talk a lot.”

Alabama: “What is there not to like about Alabama? It’s Alabama. They are just a good team overall with their offense and defense. I like to have a team that can score quickly whenever they feel like it and I believe Alabama can do that anytime they want to.”

Florida State: “That Florida State and Clemson game was probably the best game I have ever seen with the way they kept going back and forth. Clemson is also a school I want to go to. Florida State really surprised me this year with the way they are playing. I didn’t expect that from them and I am getting excited about Florida State.”

At least Green can always fall back on recruiting when things become too boring on the field.