Todd Gurley talks recruiting

Going into Saturday’s contests, the leading rusher in the SEC is Georgia Bulldogs freshman Todd Gurley. Few expected that he would lead the conference in yards and be tied with South Carolina’s Marcus Lattimore for the most touchdowns -- least of all Gurley.

“This conference is crazy and to be able to lead it in rushing is a blessing,” Gurley said. “So I didn’t predict that.”

The fact that he is a Bulldog at all came as a surprise to many, as Gurley almost decided to sign with the Clemson Tigers. His choice to become a Bulldog, he said, was a last-second decision.

Through six games he has 575 yards and 10 touchdowns, despite being stonewalled by the South Carolina defense in Georgia’s 35-7 loss to the Gamecocks. He only picked up 39 yards in that contest.

“We practiced all week for how the noise was going to be so we were well prepared for what all the noise,” Gurley said. “Basically as an offense we learned that we can be stopped. South Carolina did kind of stop us. And it just happened that in the previous games [we were] able to score at anytime. So we are just going to come together as a team and get everything right. We didn’t blame anybody, the line or the backs or nobody.”