Brendan Langley visits Georgia, again

ATHENS, Ga. -- The Georgia football team has played five home games, and South Carolina defensive back commit Brendan Langley (Marietta, Ga./Kell) has visited for three of them. He was in town again Saturday as the Bulldogs hosted the Ole Miss Rebels.

“It went well as usual,” Langley said. “I had a good time at the game. I met with Coach [Mark] Richt and all of them. He said, ‘Glad to have you, glad to see you back again. Keep in mind we still want you, need you and you haven’t signed anything yet. Time is ticking but there is still time to change your mind.’ I acknowledged that, and I understand that.”

The ESPN 300 cornerback plans to enroll early, so he has less time than he normally would if he waited until signing day to make his final decision. In the meantime, Langley says he is solid to the Gamecocks.

“I am 100 percent committed,” Langley said. “I was just trying to weigh out all my options. It was kind of a last minute thing, because sometimes you can have a change of heart at the last minute. It is not something I think will happen. If it does happen, then it happens. God has plans for everybody. So if it does happen, it was meant to.”

Aside from checking out Georgia again, Langley said one of the main reasons he visited was to spend the day with his best friend and teammate Quincy Mauger. Mauger is committed to Georgia and has an interesting sales pitch for his friend.

“He is pushing me pretty hard, but he knows the whole situation, so he is supportive of anything I choose,” Langley said. “Basically -- and I kind of like it -- he tells me I have to do what is right for me and that I will be successful wherever I go. Then why not be successful with your best friend?”

Langley also spent time with a few other Georgia commits.

“They are always fun to be around,” Langley said. “They always give me a good laugh. We were all just cracking jokes at the game. And the game was good, so overall I give my night tonight a 10 out of 10. That is one of the reasons I keep coming up: just to try to make sure I made the right decision in choosing South Carolina. I believe I am getting closer to a decision, but as of right now I am committed to South Carolina, so that is what I am focused on.”

The Gamecocks coaching staff seem to be fine with Langley visiting Georgia so often.

“They didn’t say too much,” Langley said. “They are pretty confident in my commitment. And like I said, I am too. Basically I think they are for whatever decision I make, whether I decommit or stay committed. I think that is real cool and very genuine, and that is the one thing I like most about the South Carolina coaching staff.”

The Georgia football coaches might get some help from the Bulldogs’ head basketball coach Mark Fox, who has talked with Langley about playing basketball on an earlier visit.

“I met with Coach Fox and Coach [Philip] Pearson and all of them,” Langley said. “I didn’t really get a chance to get shown around too much, because they had some people on official visits. But the time that I did spend with them was good, and when I come on my official I am going to get a lot more time to sit down with them.”

So the Bulldogs will have at least one more chance to impress Langley before he enrolls at South Carolina.

“I think the official is Dec. 22,” Langley said. “That is the day they play USC for basketball. So I will be there for that game.”