DT John Atkins back on track

The Georgia Bulldogs received a late Christmas present thanks to a frustrated coach at Hargrave Military Academy. Defensive tackle John Atkins of Thomson, Ga., will head to Athens tomorrow to enroll for the spring semester.

“I took my ACT test and got an 18,” Atkins said. “The Clearinghouse said that I had a D on my Clearinghouse transcript where I was supposed to have a C. The NCAA changed it and I got qualified. The grading scale changed while I was in high school and they mistakenly put a D down instead of a C. The Clearinghouse thought that the 74 I made in high school was a D when a D is 70-73.”

Scott McConnell, the defensive backs coach and admissions counselor at Hargrave might be getting a thank you note form the Georgia coaches, especially defensive coordinator Todd Grantham who could use the 6-foot-3, 305-pound defender next season.

“My coach and I were looking over the grades today and he said, ‘Something doesn’t seem right.’ ” Atkins said. “He looked at the transcripts that he had, that Georgia had and he compared that to the Clearinghouse and it didn’t add up. So he called Georgia. I guess UGA called the Clearinghouse.”

Atkins signed with Georgia last February but failed to qualify and wound up spending the fall semester at Hargrave. Now with his core GPA corrected it appears that the four-star defensive tackle will be able to start his Georgia career.

“I go to Athens tomorrow,” Atkins said. “I don’t know who I am rooming with yet.”