'Joe Cool' Ramsey already showing skills

ATHENS, Ga. -- Aaron Murray and Arthur Lynch have been teammates with 18 NFL draft picks -- with more to come in this month’s draft -- since becoming Bulldogs in 2009, and that has helped them develop a feel for who has some talent.

When Murray, Georgia’s starting quarterback, and Lynch, the first-team tight end, are not involved in a drill during practice, the longtime roommates often discuss the team’s stars in waiting.

“Especially with the young guys,” Lynch said, “because you’re definitely intrigued to see what they have to offer and what they bring to the table.”

Their latest source of entertainment is watching unflappable freshman quarterback Brice Ramsey, who enrolled at UGA in January.

“[Lynch] loves Brice. He thinks Brice has the most swag ever,” Murray said with a laugh. “Brice does have some swag, I’m not going to lie. Brice just walks around like, ‘Hey I’m the man.’ ... He’s very cool, calm, collected. He’s very chill. He’s Joe Cool out there, and Artie and I just sit back and watch him and laugh like, ‘This kid doesn’t get fazed by anything.’

“He’s just out there and playing ball and looks good. He’s a very confident kid, throws the ball well and we just sit back and laugh and watch him play. It’s very entertaining to us for some reason.”

Ramsey’s demeanor immediately intrigued Murray, who often remarks about how nervous he was when he first took the practice field as a 2009 early enrollee. Having to throw against a talented SEC defense after getting only two months to absorb a complex college playbook would tend to generate some anxiety.

Perhaps that’s why Ramsey’s coolness intrigues his veteran teammates so much.

“He’s the type of guy that -- I would like to see him rattled. I would like to see what would rattle him,” Lynch said. “Granted he’s very young, so maybe it’s a na├»ve thing, I don’t know. But he’s definitely a guy that has a very bright future if he keeps going.”

While Linebackers Ramik Wilsonand Reggie Carter, running back J.J. Green and receiver Jonathon Rumph have all piqued Murray and Lynch’s interest, Ramsey is clearly their favorite.

“I think for what he knows of the offense right now, he has a pretty good grasp of it,” Lynch said. “Obviously he’s got a long way to go, but I think the talent’s there.”

The talent might be there -- Ramsey was ESPN’s No. 7 quarterback prospect of 2013 and the third-highest-rated signee in Georgia’s 33-man class -- but the freshman did struggle in the Bulldogs’ first two scrimmages.

He was a combined 7-for-17 for 62 yards and four interceptions in the scrimmages at Sanford Stadium, including three picks in his first scrimmage as a college player, yet Murray didn’t detect any difference in the freshman’s confidence afterward.

If Ramsey is to someday become the Bulldogs’ starting quarterback, Murray said, that’s exactly the demeanor he would want from his successor.

“He’s still cool. No problem,” Murray said. “He just comes out there and starts winging it again. That’s the best thing you need as a quarterback is a short memory. ...

“That’s a great mentality instead of beating yourself up and not wanting to go out there and play because you threw three picks. He’s like, ‘Hey, I threw it. Let’s move on. Let’s get better.’ And that’s a great mentality for all quarterbacks to have.”