Jenkins has G-Day hit list

ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia won’t play its first game for nearly five months, but Jordan Jenkins’ motor mouth is already in midseason form.

Spring scrimmages rarely have much in the way of drama, but Jenkins insisted that the competitiveness between the offense and defense will carry over to Saturday’s game. The rising sophomore outside linebacker lobbed a number of good-natured zingers at his offensive teammates after Thursday’s practice, just two days from when they’ll square off in Saturday’s G-Day game.

“I hope we play the whole time,” Jenkins said of the Bulldogs’ defensive starters. “Right now I know [defensive coordinator Todd] Grantham wants to show the offense up and I know, as soon as they make a big play, if the two or threes go out and they make a big play, I think Coach Grantham is going to send the ones back in.

“He wants to make sure everybody knows the defense is still going to be on point. I feel like he’s going to want to prove we don’t have a dropoff.”

Jenkins playfully announced that he wants to get a shot at center David Andrews and left guard Dallas Lee on Saturday, accusing both players of holding too often and Lee of blindsiding him at the end of a play. He also said he plans “to try to get a couple hits” on tailback Todd Gurley as payback for Gurley’s trash talking in practice.

“He’s the goofiest joker I know,” Jenkins laughed. “He’s always amped up, talking mess, saying stupid stuff. I just like when he talks trash. It gets everybody hyped up and the offense will get hyped up and we’ll get hyped up because we don’t like the offense. We want to make sure they know they’re getting beat and I don’t like when the offense gets happy.”

Jenkins also made a prediction for competition against a fellow rising sophomore star, offensive tackle John Theus, who first became a rival for Jenkins when both players squared off in drills in the summer before their junior year of high school.

“I think I’m going to get him if he’s playing left tackle,” Jenkins said of Theus, who started all 14 games at right tackle last season, but has been experimenting some at left tackle this spring. “I’m going to get him on a couple of rushes on Saturday. I’ve got a plan for him.”

Told shortly thereafter of Jenkins’ comments, Theus replied, “Yeah, I’ll cut [block] him. We’ll be all right.”

Saturday represents the Bulldogs’ third official scrimmage of the spring, providing an opportunity to break a tie between offense and defense. The defense got the best of the first team scrimmage -- although quarterback Aaron Murray did not participate -- and the starting offense had its way in last Saturday’s second scrimmage.

G-Day will be the rubber match, and Jenkins predicted that Bulldogs fans will soon see that their young defense is going to be a force.

“They’ll be shocked when they see us,” Jenkins said. “They’ll be asking, ‘Who was this? Who was that?’ They’re going to ask who everybody on the defense is. We’ve got some playmakers coming out Saturday and I definitely think we’re going to shut them down.”