They said it: Florida edition

University of Georgia players and coaches know that the annual showdown with Florida often determines who will win the SEC East division. This season is no different. So what are they saying about the game and their lack of success in past contests?

"I don’t think it is mental. Every year it is a new team. Players graduate – there are freshman starters on both teams – so it is a whole new thing. I don’t think mentally we are intimidated or, 'Oh, they've got our number.' We just haven’t been as lucky as them and sometimes they just beat us and we are not playing our best game." -- quarterback Aaron Murray

"We have got to win. The season has pretty much come down to one game. It has been that way for the past couple weeks, but this is it. Our seniors know that, our coaches know, and I think our team knows that as well. We have to bring it this week." -- punter Drew Butler

"Malcolm Mitchell didn’t practice very long yesterday. And I am not going to tell you how we are going to handle Shawn Williams' thing. Malcolm didn’t practice but about five minutes yesterday." -- coach Mark Richt

"This week you don’t have to motivate in practice. It makes my job a lot easier. I don’t have to go out there and rah-rah every play. … You definitely want to beat Florida because it is the next one. I haven’t beaten them, and I want to beat Florida on the way out." -- center Ben Jones

"Being from Florida that is all I hear. If I am not there hearing it personally, I've got my parents calling and they are tired of hearing it, too. You get tired of having that personal hold, that type of power over you to do what they want to do -- that is how it is starting to come off with me, being a Florida guy. For me it is probably a little more personal." -- running back Carlton Thomas