Drafting all-time Georgia teams no easy task

ATHENS, Ga. -- If you were to assemble a team comprised of the best players in Georgia history, who would make the cut?

Would Herschel Walker and Charley Trippi make up your dream backfield? Who would line up under center? Would it be Fran Tarkenton? Or David Greene, Matthew Stafford, Aaron Murray or Eric Zeier? Who would be the must-haves on your list?

ESPN’s Mark Schlabach, former Georgia beat writer Josh Kendall and I answered that question with this week’s DawgNation all-time UGA draft -- and not to be too boastful, but I drafted circles around those two jokers.

In all seriousness, the concept will be simple and familiar for the fantasy sports geeks among us. We had our choices of every player who has suited up in the red and black, from Georgia’s first All-American, Bob McWhorter, to its most recent, Jarvis Jones, and we selected teams in traditional fantasy snake draft style. Schlabach had the first pick and on we went for 24 rounds until we each had filled out a full starting lineup including punters and kickers.

Check out our rosters and let us know what you think. Where are the weak spots? What are the strengths that the respective teams might have over the others? How do they measure up?

For instance, if my team were to go up against Mark or Josh’s in a dream head-to-head matchup, the opponent had better pound the run because they’re not getting off many passes, because without giving too much away, my defense looks awesome.

And those are the questions. Do you focus on some of Georgia’s best defenders? Do you snag A.J. Green or Hines Ward or Lindsay Scott to line out wide for your passing attack? Each “G.M.’s” strategy was slightly different.

Throughout the week, we’ll comb through aspects of our draft, speculating about some current Bulldogs who might someday make such an all-star team and evaluating who picked the best team.

It was a fun way to look back through the program’s rich history, and I hope you’ll enjoy critiquing our selections as much as Mark, Josh and I enjoyed making the picks. So let’s hear what you think.