#AskLoogs: Georgia can't keep them all

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It revolves around two things. I believe there is more of a declaration from birth of which team you choose in both Alabama and Louisiana than there is in Georgia. That sounds so simple, but from the moment kids can walk in those states, they pick a side and the allegiance is formed. I’m not so sure that same deep-rooted passion affects childhood in Georgia the way it does in Alabama and Louisiana.

Also, keep in mind that Louisiana has no other BCS program in state to compete with, so generally, all the best are going to stay home. Kids in Alabama have two premier BCS choices. Also, the population in the state of Georgia does not allow for every kid to remain at home, and Georgia Tech isn’t an option for everyone athletically and academically. Georgia has to make tough choices on a lot of kids and can’t take them all, which means they are going to have to leave the state, whether or not they want to.

Georgia has almost 10 million people in its population, compared to 4.8 million in Alabama and 4.6 million in Louisiana. It is a pure numbers game.