Jones, Glenn glad for company at Sr. Bowl

MOBILE, Ala. -- For Ben Jones and Cordy Glenn, the Senior Bowl has had the flavor of home.

When the two Georgia offensive linemen get done with practice, they pack up and head back to the hotel together and share a room. While most of the players at the annual all-star game struggle with the new environment, Jones and Glenn find comfort in the familiar.

“It’s just a little more comfortable,” Jones said. “You have someone to talk to. You can chit-chat.“

Said Glenn, “It’s not like you have to try and make a new friend while sometimes you just want to relax. It’s kind of cool to know someone you’ve known for years, like a comfort zone almost.”

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The unison has paid off in other ways, too. With scores of NFL scouts looking on, the Georgia linemen have been in sync on the field, already in tune with the other’s style of play.

“We call a play and we know what we’re talking about,” Jones said. “If I make a term, he knows exactly what I’m talking about. It’s always nice to have that.”

Jones has found himself confronted with new challenges at the all-star game. The career center has been asked by the coaching staff to take snaps at guard. He’s responded well to the move, standing tall against future NFL talent.

“It’s definitely an adjustment but it was good moving around, playing a little guard. I hadn’t done that since high school,” Jones said. “It was great getting back and playing against this competition. That’s what you dream of, coming here and playing against the best. That’s definitely what you have with that defense.”

Jones said he wouldn’t mind playing on the interior of the line if he was asked. If it means a shot at the pros, he’s game.

“Whatever they need me to do, I’ll play,” Jones said. “I’ll play guard, center or tackle -- anything they want.”

Glenn has changed positions at times, too. The former left tackle has taken many snaps at guard and feels comfortable at both spots. On one play at guard, he took on former South Carolina defensive lineman Melvin Ingram and stopped him in his tracks, drawing praise from many in attendance.

Right now, Glenn’s doing whatever he can to make the coaches happy.

“I’m kind of just seeing what coaches expect and how the tempo of practice is going,” Glenn said. “Just not knowing and coming from college, I know coaches expect more. There’s a different kind of way pros practice. … I’m trying to take this teaching and try to get better.

“Everyone here is good. That’s why we’re here. I can hold my own against anybody.”