Dawgs engineer good visit for 2013 OL

Despite signing three new offensive linemen yesterday, Georgia still has not addressed its lack of depth on the line. The Bulldogs’ coaches are looking to the 2013 class for help already.

This past Saturday, Georgia hosted a top in-state lineman at the Bulldogs' first Junior Day of the year.

“It was a pretty good experience, considering it was my first junior day,” Delando Crooks (Atlanta/Carver) said. “I got to see the campus and what is was like.”

This was Crooks’ first visit to Athens and he was impressed with what he saw.

“I like the new facility,” Crooks said. “We were sitting in their meeting room and they were telling us what they expect out of their players, what the expectations are at Georgia and how they prepare their players. They took us by the athletic dorms to see the apartments were done. I really liked that.”

Between tour stops, Crooks spent some time with the Georgia coaches.

“I spoke to Coach [Will] Friend and Coach [Rodney] Garner,” Crooks said. “Mark Richt seemed to be a pretty cool dude. They spoke a lot about what their program is like.”

Crooks’ uncle, Troy Vaccianna, was on the visit with him and the Georgia staff did its best to detail how much they wanted Crooks in the Classic City.

“I had a sit-down conversation with Mark Richt. Basically, he and Rodney Garner said that they would like for us to be there,” Vaccianna said. “They love Delando’s athleticism and they love his agility. They love his personality and they love his intellect.”

In fact, the honor student’s intellect had the Georgia coaches arranging a customized meeting with part of the university staff.

“We spoke to the director of the engineering program up there. He gave us his number so if we have any questions we can call him,” Vaccianna said. “We felt a lot of interest from them and it was a good feeling to know they wanted him that much.”

The Bulldogs’ head coach made a good impression as well.

“I liked the fact that Mark Richt seemed to be down to earth and didn’t pull any punches. He was straightforward and didn’t seem like he was blowing smoke. I felt that what he had to say to us was genuine,” Vaccianna said. “It is a very interesting program. That is a beautiful facility, a first-class facility, with first-class treatment and first-class people.”

Overall, Crooks and his uncle felt the visit helped the Bulldogs in their quest for the lineman’s signature next year.

“It was a positive in the sense that it kind of shed new light on Georgia,” Vaccianna said. “We learned some things we didn’t know about Georgia, being that we never stepped foot on campus before.”