Bulldogs are Boise believers

Count Sanders Commings among the supporters of a rematch bowl game in New Orleans.

The Georgia defensive back wants another shot at Boise State in the postseason.

“I hope we have a chance to play them again, maybe in the Sugar Bowl,” Commings said.

A leading element of this week’s national college football conversation concerns whether LSU and Alabama should play again in January for the national title, following LSU’s 9-6 overtime win in Tuscaloosa last weekend.

The Bulldogs are among the Boise believers, however, having lost 35-14 to the unbeaten Broncos to open the season.

“If they’re the only undefeated team left, then yeah, I think they deserve to play in the national championship,” Commings said.

Cornerback Brandon Boykin agreed, saying, “I say why not? They beat us, so they proved what everybody was questioning them on, that they could defend an SEC team, and I’m sure they’re pulling for us to win the East so they’ll have a better chance. Absolutely, they deserve it if they run the table.”

It might be that Boise State’s fortunes are in the Bulldogs’ hands. By far its most impressive win of the season was its neutral-site victory over the Bulldogs at the Georgia Dome. Georgia opened the season with two straight losses, but is riding a seven-game winning streak and has steamrolled into first place in the SEC East as it prepares to face Auburn this weekend.

The Broncos trail unbeaten LSU and Oklahoma State, one-loss Alabama and unbeaten Stanford in the BCS standings, so they need Georgia to keep winning to boost their strength of schedule as much as possible. Other one-loss teams like Clemson, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Virginia Tech and Oregon are also lurking and threatening to overtake the Broncos in the rankings.

Asked about how the BCS rankings data already seems to be working against Boise State reaching the title game, Georgia coach Mark Richt reminded reporters Tuesday that the season isn’t over yet.

“The system hasn’t played out. It’s just a bunch of people talking about what might happen and all that kind of thing,” Richt said. “I think Boise State can line up against anybody in America and have a realistic shot of winning. I do think that.”

It would help Boise State’s argument if Georgia added a signature win to its resume -- like say a win against an unbeaten LSU in the SEC championship game. Georgia’s league record to this point is impressive, but the Bulldogs are fortunate to play a conference schedule that does not include LSU, Alabama or Arkansas.

Commings acknowledged the criticism that Boise State has not beaten a good team yet and said the Bulldogs have yet to prove that Boise State’s win was a signature victory that would prove its worthiness for the title game.

“We really haven’t done anything yet. We have to beat Auburn,” he said. “We have to win out and then play in the Dome again and I guess you could say we’ve done something.”