Slim, trim Ware ready for season

Georgia's Dustin Ware never had a weight problem, but the senior guard altered his diet and aggressively attacked a new fitness regimen in the offseason.

The changes help him trim 13 pounds from his 5-foot-11 frame, and he earned compliments this week from Georgia coach Mark Fox for his extensive offseason work.

"I really just went hard in the weight room," Ware said Tuesday. "Really the main part was changing the way that I ate, cutting out things, giving up some things, adding some extra things like fruit in the diet and stuff like that. It's definitely helped out. I feel a lot better."

Ware's improved physique paid off on the floor during summer practices. He was already one of the team's top shooters -- he ranked fourth in the SEC last year as a 44 percent shooter from 3-point range -- but he feels much quicker now, as well.

"That's probably the first thing I noticed was [the change] mobility wise," said Ware, whose team opens preseason practice Friday. "A little bit jumping wise. And I just feel a lot better, lighter, looser and can move a lot better, so it's definitely helped out so far."

Does that mean Ware might finally throw down his first career dunk? Nobody will confuse him with high-flying former teammate Travis Leslie, but Ware remains hopeful that he'll go above the rim at least once.

"I definitely want to," he said with a grin. "Going into my last year, I've got to at least get one."