They said it: Georgia Tech edition

University of Georgia players and coaches had a lot to say leading up to this Saturday’s annual showdown with Georgia Tech. Here are some of their more interesting comments on the game that carries the nickname "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate."

"We want to be state champions. ... This is a game you circle on your calendar in January. We really, really want to beat these guys. You never want to lose to Georgia Tech. You don’t want them to go around the state bragging they are the state champions. We want that bragging right. … It is a rivalry. Everyone will be talking smack." – Quarterback Aaron Murray

"We look forward to this game all year long. Once you lose to Tech you’ll understand why it is the biggest rivalry. My freshman year we lost to them and you never want to go through that experience again. … I think it is just a mutual hate between both teams." – Center Ben Jones

"If you lose, it is a yearlong in-state rivalry that you will hear about. I go to church back home and half the people are Tech fans and I hear about it every day. That one year we lost when I was here, it was not fun. … It feels like they hate us. If someone is coming at you before a game or during a game, it seems like that is more than just personal. I would say that is hate."– Inside linebacker Christian Robinson

"I feel like Georgia Tech’s crowd thinks we are thugs and think they are better than us and smarter than us. I don’t get into all that. I just go out there and do my job and call it a day." – Inside Linebacker Michael Gilliard, on playing in Bobby-Dodd Stadium

"All you've got to do is flip on the film and you will know you better get ready. If you don’t you are going to get embarrassed. And you might get hurt. … I think Georgia and Georgia Tech absolutely have to play each other every year." – Mark Richt on playing Georgia Tech and whether it is fair to have to play such a big non-conference game