The Pound: DawgNation chat highlights

DawgNation Insiders and DawgNation writers David Ching, Radi Nabulsi and Kipp Adams were joined by SEC blogger Edward Aschoff, Southeast regional coordinator Jamie Newberg and ESPN senior national recruiting analyst Tom Luginbill on Wednesday night for The Pound's inaugural live chat, forum style. Here are the highlights. Check out the complete transcript here. (Questions and answers are edited here for content.)

DantesInferno60: I was just wondering, do college coaches possibly pay attention to players that pop up on recruiting websites such as the ESPN 150 or players ESPN says are sleepers? I mean, I understand colleges do their own analysis, but obviously players could fall through the cracks. Do you think they might not have gotten film on a player that ESPN says is the best athlete in the nation at such and such a position and then they decide to offer the player?

Tom Luginbill: College coaches are going to use every available resource at their disposal to do the best job they can and acquire as much info as possible. I can tell you I speak with college coaches all across the country and share ideas and thoughts on players, talk about different film, philosophy and different approaches, and I know coaches know there are different ways to skin a cat and are always looking to get better. Oftentimes, most programs are not national and may have a pool on the large end of about 700-1,000 players they are concerned about or write up, of which about 180-200 will be offered. We do around 3,000, so at times we may see a guy some have not seen yet, and vice versa.