No Pro Combats for SEC title game

Georgia fans need not worry about their team being the butt of more “Red Power Rangers” jokes.

Despite promising his team before the season that they could bring back the often-ridiculed Nike Pro Combat uniforms they wore in a season-opening loss to Boise State if they made it to the SEC championship game, Georgia coach Mark Richt said Wednesday the Bulldogs will wear their traditional red tops and silver britches Saturday against LSU.

“Nobody even asked me,” Richt said. “A couple of them actually were like, ‘Don’t do it, Coach,’ because I did promise them if they made it back to the Dome. This is before the game: They thought they were cool and I said, ‘Well, we’ll wear them this game and if we make it back to the Dome, I’ll let you wear them again.’ I thought that would be a really nice incentive. As it turned out, it wasn’t much of an incentive.”

Richt said one player asked if the team could wear black jerseys -- a style they wore in a pair of 2007 wins and once in a 2008 loss -- but that also won’t happen.

“They think you can snap your finger and get a bunch of new jerseys. That has to be planned out,” he said.

Georgia linebacker Amarlo Herrera said the uniform issue is overblown, anyway.

Georgia lost 35-21 to Boise State the first time it wore the Pro Combats, but is 10-1 since in its traditional garb. No sense in messing with a good thing.

“Most of us really don’t care what we wear,” Herrera said. “We’ve been winning in what we’ve been wearing. We lost in what we wore.”