LB McMillan invests time with future Dawgs

ATHENS, Ga. -- Close to 200 prospects descended on the Mark Richt Camp on Saturday to try to impress the Bulldogs coaching staff. One of the top linebackers for 2014, Raekwon McMillan (Hinesville, Ga./Liberty County), already had a Georgia offer, so he visited Athens for a different reason.

“I came to Athens just to be around the guys, Nick Glass (Atlanta/Saint Pius X), Demarre Kitt (Tyrone, Ga./Sandy Creek) and Shaq Wiggins (Tyrone, Ga./Sandy Creek),” McMillan said. “They might be future teammates so I came and visited them.”

The sight of McMillan hanging around four Georgia commits had the coaches smiling.

“I am trying to build relationships with all those guys and Stanley Williams (Monroe, Ga./Walton Academy) too,” McMillan said. “They are all trying to get me on board but I am going to keep my options open. They are telling me that they need a leader on defense at middle linebacker.”

How likely is that scenario? McMillan isn’t ready to say.

“Georgia is inside my top five but I don’t want to put that list out yet,” he said.

In the meantime he will be visiting schools and getting to know the coaching staffs at the colleges he likes.

“I talked with Coach [Kirk] Olivadotti, Coach [Tony] Ball, Coach [Scott] Lakatos, Coach Richt -- I talked to all of them all day,” McMillan said. “They said they wanted me and they loved the way I played. Coach O actually showed me the way they played the defense and how it is similar to my game today in high school. How the things that I do in high school are the same that they do at Georgia.”

The sales pitch to the 6-foot-3, 235-pound junior was well planned, as McMillan projects as one of the top players in Georgia for next year.

“Everybody can improve on their game and I need to improve too, but there is not one major thing I am lacking,” McMillan said. “The best part of my game has to be reading guards real fast, and as soon as I see the ball snapped I am shooting the gap.”

The havoc McMillan creates in the backfield draws comparisons to the nation's No. 2 player, Reuben Foster (Auburn, Ala./Auburn). McMillan hears it often but has mixed feelings about such talk.

“It is a wonderful comparison because he is a top-notch player and I like to be compared to top-notch players, but I really don’t want to be in his shadow the whole time,” McMillan said. “So when he goes to college I will be the ‘next Reuben Foster.’ I don’t want to be like that, I want to be my own person.”

McMillan plans to visit Georgia again in July and will drop in on some of the Bulldogs’ rivals.

“I should be going to Auburn and Clemson sometime soon,” McMillan said. “Those are the only other two schools that we have scheduled so far. I will be going back up to Athens for Dawg Night too.”