ESPN 300 DE Davin Bellamy to decide soon

ESPN 300 defensive end Davin Bellamy (Chamblee, Ga./Chamblee) is scheduled to announce his college choice Aug. 1. And, unless something changes in the next 36 days, he will commit to the Seminoles.

“I talked it over with my coach and my mom and Aug. 1 is the first day we will be in full pads,” Bellamy said. “So for security reasons, like getting hurt, I choose that date to make my decision.”

A talented basketball player as well, Bellamy has narrowed his list to a final three of Florida State, Vanderbilt and Georgia, in that order.

“Florida State and Vanderbilt are the two schools that I have developed a relationship with the coaching staff,” Bellamy said. “With Florida State, I just fell in love with the place. With Vanderbilt, they were on me very early, before I blew up. And when I went to UGA last week, I had a good conversation with Mark Richt and the defensive coordinator. They had everything laid out for me, a great presentation. I definitely think if UGA was recruiting me this hard three months ago, UGA would be the leader.”

The 6-foot-5, 225-pound defensive end plans to visit each school before he makes a final decision.

“I will be down at FSU on July 18,” Bellamy said. “UGA is right up the road and I can go there when I feel like it. I talked with Coach [Rodney] Garner about Dawg Night and told him I would be there. Vanderbilt told me to call them when my schedule is clear, to schedule a visit.”

With a little more than a month until he decides, Bellamy shared the one thing about each school that concerns him.

Vanderbilt: “At Vanderbilt I could come in and be an immediate four-year starter. But will I be developed into an NFL-caliber player? Do I want to come in and have to play at the top of my game every week just to get invited to a combine, or do I wait my turn at a school that finished in the top five in defense? That is why Florida State is ahead of them right now.”

Florida State: “They are bringing in Mario Edwards and Chris Casher at my position. But they are losing four defensive ends this year due to graduation or the draft. My only thing with FSU is that as a freshman I wouldn’t mind getting 20-25 snaps per game. But them being a year ahead of me, how long will it be until I have a starting role? Coming in to give someone a breather is not what I am looking for. Then let’s say they don’t go to the draft their junior year and I am still behind them. That is not what I am looking for.”

Georgia: “The next time I go to UGA, they could make it very clear that I am the guy that you want and you are not just offering me because everyone else is. Georgia was one of the first teams to recruit me but one of the last to offer me. When I went up there they told me they do a thorough evaluation, which takes time. I can understand that but at one point there was a two-month period where I didn’t hear from them. If you are evaluating someone, you can at least give them a call. So the next time I go up there, really make me think that you guys want me.”

After his visit to Georgia, Bellamy had named the Bulldogs as his leader. His subsequent visit to Tallahassee put the Seminoles on top. He credits his switch to a sharp sales pitch by the FSU coaches.

“When I went to UGA, Coach [Todd] Grantham really explained it to me that the outside linebacker position is the most important in the NFL,” Bellamy said. “That is why they are paid the highest and drafted the highest. He also pulled out a chart of successful NFL linebackers. When I went to FSU, I took that information with me and they said, ‘Look at that chart. A lot of the people he told you about played a 4-3 defensive end in college.’ That kind of made a lot of sense. They also said, ‘To be a top-10 pick in the NFL as a defensive end, you have to put up double-digit sacks. If you play outside linebacker, nine times out of 10 only one side is rushing and the other is dropping into coverage. So how are you going to get your sack numbers up?’

“So a 4-3, that would be my best fit coming of the edge.”