Reuben Foster returns to Athens

ATHENS, Ga. -- ESPN 150 five-star linebacker Reuben Foster (Auburn, Ala./Auburn) could not have picked a better time to visit Georgia. His arrival Friday in Athens was a welcomed bit of good news on a day that included the Bulldogs dismissing five-star running back Isaiah Crowell. Foster was making his second trip to Athens in as many weeks.

“It wasn’t a football trip but it kind of was,” Foster said. “I never spent the night in Athens. I wanted to spend time in Athens without being questioned about football and everything. It was amazing, too.”

Foster said he couldn’t believe the news about Crowell’s arrest for gun possession. He said he saw the fans’ reactions firsthand.

“People were hurt by the fact that he had it,” Foster said. “He didn’t do it but he had it. Probably wasn’t his gun but he got blamed for it. Everybody was hurt. He was a phenomenal player. Everybody cares about their Dawg nation around here.”

The fans he met while touring Athens made the nation’s No. 2 prospect feel welcome. He said he liked how they treat the players.

“The Bulldog nation really cares about them,” Foster said. “They were talking about how on my official they will throw me a party. The fans want me to have a party. But I said, ‘No, you can’t do that.’ So they said, ‘Okay, we'll just come down here and show you some love.’ So they are now talking about showing me some love -- ain’t going to throw a party or nothing -- but showing me some love when I come back up here.”

Fans reaching out to Foster is nothing new. On a previous visit to Athens, fans at a Georgia basketball game started chanting Foster’s name when they saw him sitting with the coaches.

“I met the dude who said my name at the basketball game,” Foster said. “He is the one that started it. I met him last night. He said, ‘Bro, I am the one that called your name out.’ I said, ‘Thank you for doing that.’ It was amazing. It got me. It caught my heart.”

Foster said he might be back for the Dawg Night camp July 13, but even if he doesn’t make it he said he will return to Athens soon.

“I am going to take an official visit back up here,” Foster said. “And official visits to USC, Miami, maybe Florida and South Carolina probably.”

As for Alabama and Auburn, Foster said he will not take official visits there simply because, “I have been there too many times.”