S Paris Bostick clears air with UGA staff

On June 24, safety Paris Bostick (Tampa, Fla./Plant) was set to announce his college destination. That morning he postponed his decision. It was expected that he was going to pick the Bulldogs, and Bostick himself said that day that Georgia was his top team. His indefinite postponement might be coming to an end soon, though.

“I talked to coach Bryan McClendon yesterday,” Bostick said. “It went pretty good. There was a miscommunication with the coaches and my coaches at Plant. It was a miscommunication and I wasn’t informed on anything that was going on. But I talked to McClendon and it went pretty good.”

The three-star safety didn’t reveal many details about what was said.

“The miscommunication dealt with some issues they were concerned about with me, but it wasn’t anything serious,” Bostick said. “They wanted to know what I thought about the whole situation and stuff like that. Coach McClendon and I cleared it up pretty good yesterday. That is pretty much it.”

With the air cleared, Bostick plans to announce soon.

“I am making the decision right before school starts, definitely,” Bostick said. “Right now I am just sitting back, waiting, praying about it -- just seeing how things go. Things change all the time so I want to make sure that is definitely where I want to be. I was pretty sure the first time then all the [stuff] started happening -- and the confusion -- and then I was kind of like, ‘I don’t really know.’ ”

Bostick won’t take his decision lightly.

“I have got to get prepared to understand that when I commit, that is exactly where I want to go and not to decommit or anything like that,” Bostick said. “I am not one of those guys that is going to commit and then decommit. It makes you look bad as a person and as a football player. So I want to be sure that wherever I choose is where I want to be.”

As for where that will be, Bostick has two finalists.

“It is definitely between Arkansas and Georgia,” Bostick said. “Those are the two schools I am going to pick from. Both are evenly matched with a chance of getting me. Wherever I go, people have to understand that I am going to bring it. When I do, I give it all I got because that is just the type of person I am. I am ready to ball.”

After coming close to picking Georgia and having removed the confusion with the Bulldogs coaches, it would seem Georgia would have the edge. Not so according to the senior safety.

“They are even,” Bostick said. “Georgia was the definite first for me, going in and trying to commit. Now I kind of feel like I lost some trust, and got to get that trust back. I've got to get that loyalty back before I actually say some team is over the other. Right now they are definitely equal.”

So how did the Bulldogs slide back to even with the Hogs?

“It was a miscommunication,” Bostick said. “But I felt they could have handled it a different way, coming to me about it rather than going off my coaches. If they had some concerns, let me know while I was up there at Dawg Night instead of letting me come all the way to Tampa -- ‘Hey, I am about to commit’ -- and then me finding out. So I felt they lost some of that loyalty and trust from me. But there was one point in time where Georgia was my top school.”