LB Korie Rogers to visit UGA on Saturday

BUFORD, Ga. -- Class of 2014 linebacker Korie Rogers was not a happy man Friday night. His Buford Wolves had lost their first home game since the 2006 season, a 43-game winning streak that ended when the Gainesville (Ga.) Red Elephants outscored the Wolves 19-15. Rogers and his defense forced five turnovers in the losing effort.

“They were running the spread, which we prepared for all week,” Rogers said. “I think they changed their offense just a tad bit to where it threw us off by just enough that they could win by four points.”

The 6-foot-2, 218-pound junior answered questions after the game while bleeding from multiple cuts to his nose, cheek and chin. When the injuries were pointed out to him, he shrugged.

“They are all from one play,” Rogers said. “On the last play I was running and I made a tackle. My helmet came off but the dude was still running and his cleats got me in the face.”

Rogers gave as good as he got as earlier in the game he crashed into 2014 Clemson commit DeShaun Watson while the Gainesville quarterback was missing his headgear.

“I was on a stunt call, blitzing off the edge, and I bull-rushed my guy and he fell down,” Rogers said. “I tried to get to the quarterback and once I got there, his helmet was off but he was still up so I hit him. It felt good knowing that he is one of the top prospects going to Clemson. It just felt good to get a lick on him.”

Rogers could join Watson if he so desires, as he has an offer from Clemson as well as Auburn, East Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana-Lafayette and Penn State, with more likely on the way.

“Georgia, Auburn and Clemson are the three I would say are recruiting me the hardest,” Rogers said.

“I think I am going to Georgia when they play Florida Atlantic. I am just excited to see the campus and the facilities and see what they have going on. Honestly this may be a little weird but I am really looking forward to the Dawg Walk. I get to watch it. I talked to a couple people like Josh Cardiello (Buford, Ga./Buford), who said the Dawg Walk is pretty cool so I am looking forward to that.”

Cardiello, a teammate of Rogers, is committed to Georgia as an offensive lineman. Cardiello isn’t the only one trying to sway Rogers, though.

“He is and [Auburn defensive coordinator] Coach [Brian] VanGorder’s son [Buford quarterback Montgomery VanGorder] is on my team and he is pushing me to Auburn,” Rogers said. “But it is not working. I am just trying to get through the season with Buford. I still have a long ways to go.”

With almost 18 months until signing day for the 2014 class, Rogers is in no hurry. He has no leaders and when asked if he had a favorite team growing up, Rogers said, “I did not.”

“However, my dad was a Georgia fan while I was growing up,” Rogers said. “I liked Georgia for a little bit but then I got away from my dad for a little bit and I was a Texas fan because my mom was a Texas fan. Then Vince Young left and I stopped liking Texas. So now I am just in between everybody.”