DawgNation Q&A

We asked for questions on The Pound, DawgNation’s message board, and our readers had quit a few. From coaching hot seats to hot recruits to ice cold players, we touch on a little bit of everything.

Bullpup969:- Do you know if Reuben Foster (Auburn, Ala./Auburn) is still solid on Auburn? Would a coaching change play into the picture?

Radi Nabulsi: Coaching changes always have consequences and if Gene Chizik and, more importantly, Trooper Taylor were no longer with Auburn, then I would expect Foster to take some official visits. He would likely check out Georgia, LSU, Alabama, Oregon and Washington. The Tide coaches have never stopped recruiting him. Some of Georgia’s commits would try and sway Foster to Athens since he is so close to Tray Matthews (Newnan, Ga./Newnan) and Shaq Wiggins (Tyrone, Ga./Sandy Creek). The last time I spoke to Foster, he was solid to Auburn. He has a good family situation living in Auburn, Ala. But things change in recruiting. Here is one angle that I have not seen mentioned. If Chizik were fired and Auburn hired a new, exciting coach, the prospects committed to the Tigers might become more enthusiastic. I can see them lining up to play for a Charlie Strong or a Jon Gruden.

Carlybot: Have you heard any word on Todd Gurley being banged up? Last week I saw a Twitter picture of him in the ice bath? Brrrr...Is he playing hurt or is that just part of the life of a running back?

RN: I saw him at practice on Wednesday and he looked just fine. Many of the players hit an ice bath after practice to cut down on soreness and to hasten recovery times. He is a big back and so far has proven to be very resilient; a nice change of pace after the Bulldogs’ running back corps was decimated by injuries last season. I would bet that he is playing hurt a little bit though. At this point in the season you would be hard pressed to find a starter or backup that doesn’t have stingers, bruises or stiffness. Against Ole Miss, Gurley took a number of hard hits, so I am sure he needed the bath this week.

Waterboi5: How/where will Josh Harvey-Clemons fit into the scheme next year? With all of the linebacker talent coming in, will he be at safety next year? Is he fast enough to cover his assignments or will he become like Alec Ogletree?

RN: Funny story from Wednesday: A reporter asked Mark Richt if Harvey-Clemons would get a look at receiver in light of the season-ending injury to Marlon Brown. Richt responded no, not this week, “But I wish I had thought of that on Sunday.” He then proceeded to rub his chin and you could almost see the wheels turning. Anyway, you may remember that Alabama was recruiting Harvey-Clemons as a receiver and right now Georgia doesn’t have a tall wideout target with Brown and Michael Bennett both injured. But I don’t see a switch happening. I think he stays at safety next year while he continues to fill out. Georgia will likely have Chaser Vasser and Jordan Jenkins as starters at outside linebackers, with Josh Dawson, T.J. Stripling and James DeLoach backing them up. Georgia only has one outside linebacker coming in, although Shaun McGee (Snellville, Ga./Brookwood) could play there as well. The Bulldogs will be very thin when it comes to experienced safeties, so I bet he stays put.

Dawgtown50713: With all the imminent coaching changes, what are the chances Todd Grantham and Mike Bobo are both back next year?

RN: I expect Mike Bobo to return. As for defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, I do expect his name to be floated for a number of head coaching jobs, but I am not convinced the right job is out there yet. Some folks say he is too wild to be a head coach. I disagree. Grantham is loud and yells a lot, but his players would eat nails for him. He loves to recruit -- which is rare -- and he knows how to glad-hand the big donors. He has a new contract that keeps him as one of the highest paid assistant coaches in college football, but it pales in comparison with what some of the head coaches are making now. Grantham also has a new title, associate head coach, which is a sign of things to come.

JTDawg33: If I'm not mistaken, Alvin Kamara (Norcross, Ga./Norcross) is still the top ranked running back in the state of Georgia. My question is what makes Kamara better or at least more highly rated than others in the state?

RN: This is a question best left to our analysts and you can find their scouting reports on each prospect’s page. Here is the one for Kamara. I will give you my answer but trust those guys as they are professional scouts and actually know talent evaluation. What I have seen from Kamara that separates him from the rest is acceleration. He is at full speed in just a few steps. It is freakish to watch. Kamara watches the line for a hole or cut back lane and he is through it as if he had a head start. He has great balance and power from his low running style. I agree with his ranking.