Auburn WR commit does some thinking

Wide receiver Ja’Quay Williams’ nebulous commitment to Auburn University will likely become even cloudier over the following weeks according to a source close to his family. The 6-foot-3, 210-pound wide receiver has not formally decommitted from the Tigers but he is taking visits.

“Ja’Quay is scheduled to take official visits to Texas A&M this weekend and then Georgia next weekend,” said a family member who asked to be only identified as Williams' uncle and legal guardian, and not to be named.

Williams signed with Auburn in February but did not qualify academically and later enrolled in prep school at Fork Union Military Academy. Where he will enroll in January seems to be in question. The uncertain future of the coaching staff at Auburn is one of the key issues for Williams.

"Auburn is a great school with a tradition and a standard that speaks for itself, however it does not sound like there is much commitment coming out of Auburn,” his uncle said. “No one has stood up and definitively stated that the coaching staff will be retained, only that the coaching staff will be assessed. I think the more profound question is whether or not Auburn committed to the current coaching staff for the long term. That is what any recruit wants know.

"At the end of the day the president has to have confidence in the coach and the players have to have confidence in the coach to follow his game plan and strategy, this is what is required for effective leadership and commitment.

"Currently the facts are that there is a team on curfew with security guards and a president who is 'assessing' the staff. No signs of confidence ... this is compounded by the fact there is no decisiveness in commitment through the chain of command. Regardless of what the university decides to do, lack of a decision only makes things more difficult for the current staff if they are retained or a new staff if they are brought in ... and does nothing to help incoming players make the profound decision of the school they are going to attend, right now all anyone is committed to is ongoing 'assessment' for a decision to be made in the future."

Williams is taking a logical approach to his second round of recruiting, just as he did the first time.

“Ja’Quay is assessing this as well. He is committed to making the best decision he can, weighing the totality of all of the facts and circumstances -- just as any reasonable person would in the same situation.”

Williams told DawgNation in January that had the Bulldogs offered earlier in the recruiting process that he would have chosen to sign with Georgia. But by the time Georgia did extend an offer, it was too late. Eight months after signing day, the Auburn and Georgia programs are in decidedly different places.

“I would say based on the lack of clarity and lack of decisiveness to commit to the current staff long term --which is understandable -- that any reasonable person at this time would be weighing all his or her options," Williams' uncle said. "I would further venture to guess that if the coaching staff had sons who were faced with this profound decision in the same scenario that they would conduct a thorough re-evaluation as well."