Lynch seeks spot in student government

Note: The ticket Lynch supported, Blueprint, lost in this week's runoff.

ATHENS, Ga. -- While his campaign to become Georgia’s starting tight end was in full swing this spring, Arthur Lynch was also campaigning in a more traditional sense.

Lynch aligned himself with the “Blueprint” ticket of John Bowden, Tripp Calloway and Blake Bowden in Georgia’s Student Government Association elections in hopes of winning a student senate seat that is typically occupied by a student-athlete. The “Blueprint” candidates will learn the results of their runoff election against the “Ignite” ticket today at 4:30 p.m. at the Tate Honor Circle.

“I didn’t know about the position until several months ago when they approached me to be on the ticket and they said, ‘This is what we want for you if we’re able to win,’ ” Lynch said. “So hopefully that works out and I’ll get that seat. If not, I’ll have to apply for it and interview.”

One of the more colorful interviews on Georgia’s football roster, Lynch said he finds the social aspect of politics appealing. He was a student representative in high school and is interested in possibly pursuing a future in politics after his football career ends.

“I’m excited,” Lynch said. “I’m into politics and I’m a political science and history major, so it’s something I may want to get into down the road. It’s a schoolwide thing. I was involved in high school -- I was class president in high school -- so it’s something I just like being around.”

The native of Dartmouth, Mass., -- the state best known politically as the home of the Kennedys -- said he once shared his home state’s typical liberal preferences, but his time in the more conservative South evened out his political leanings.

“I was [liberal] when I got here, but I’ve gotten a little more of the other side, I guess,” Lynch laughed. “But I’m pretty straight forward right now, independent.”