WR Uriah LeMay sets record straight

Last Saturday, Georgia picked up commitments from wide receiver Demarre Kitt (Tyrone, Ga./Snady Creek) and cornerback Reggie Wilkerson (Citra, Fla./North Marion). Later that afternoon, rumors and texts were flying around that wide receiver Uriah Lemay (Matthews, N.C./Butler), had also committed to the Bulldogs on G-Day.

As hard as it might be to believe, that recruiting rumor was wrong.

“I did not commit,” Lemay told DawgNation on Thursday night. “I think the way the rumor came out was that Coach [Mark] Richt had wanted to talk to a couple of the prospects before the day got started. Head coaches like to do that. And I believe that there was another one going around before I went into the room, that some other kid had committed. And then there were a few coaches that came up and asked me if I had talked to Coach Richt yet or if I had a chance to go see him. Once I said ‘Yes,’ I was out there with some other recruits and I am just assuming it started spreading around then. I got a couple texts.”

That is not to say LeMay won’t have a decision soon. In fact, he is working out the details of an announcement.

“I am still trying to coordinate it with two of the other guys I am playing with, Riley Ferguson and Peter Kalambayi,” LeMay said, referring to two of his Butler teammates. “It is something we have been talking about doing for quite a while. But right now we are trying to find a date, but if we can’t all find a date that we agree on, then we will just do them separately and I will put my announcement date out then.”

Before that date, LeMay will trim his lengthy offer list.

“I have a top 10 I have put together over the break I’ll be releasing on May 1,” LeMay said. “I somewhat have a school in mind but I am still having last-minute conversations with the family and working it out in my head and heart.”

Last weekend, LeMay took in the G-Day game in Athens with his family. His older brother, Bulldogs quarterback Christian LeMay, was the starting quarterback for the Black team, and Uriah enjoyed getting a chance to see Christian in action.

“He looked really good,” Uriah said of his sibling. “That was the first time I had seen him play full-contact since he was in high school -- to see how he has progressed. I enjoyed watching the game, seeing how the pro-style offense is run and run efficiently. I am leaning more towards the pro style.”

LeMay is a highly sought receiver and the thought of catching passes from his brother does have a certain appeal for the 6-foot-1, 205-pound junior.

“It would be something cool because we didn’t really get to play together in high school,” Uriah said. “His last year was my freshman year. It is something that we have been talking about every once in a while. Sometimes it would just pop up or somebody would mention it. It is an opportunity that could be seized but we will just have to wait out and see how this process works, to see if that works out.”

When LeMay makes his announcement he will follow in his brother’s footstep and name a leader, but will refrain from saying he is committed to any school. While it might mean the same thing -- LeMay’s “leader” will be the school at which he plans to enroll -- there is an important difference in the LeMay household.

“There are things that my dad has incorporated into out upbringing and one is how serious the word ‘commitment’ is,” LeMay said. “So if anything were to change it would not be breaking a promise because we named a leader.”