Autry learns from ESPN 150 RB Kamara

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- Running back Myles Autry (Norcross, Ga./Norcross) knows a good thing when he sees it. The 2014 speedster might back up one of the nation’s most coveted running backs in Alvin Kamara (Norcross, Ga./Norcross), but that suits him just fine.

“Myles kept coming up and saying ‘Thanks!’ each time he scored a touchdown since the defenses were keying on me,” Kamara said recently at the conclusion of the Gwinnett vs. Georgia 7-on-7 tournament. “I told him he did it on his own.”

Autry totaled more than 20 touchdowns in two tournaments played just days apart, including at least 12 in front of the Georgia coaches at the Mark Richt 7-on-7 camp Thursday. The 6-foot, 175-pound athlete was on the Bulldogs’ radar long before his stellar performance in Athens.

“Georgia called me up and said they really liked me,” Autry said. “They said they are going to reach out to me and call me every week. They want me and my family to come visit and see the head coach before they offer. They want my family to meet all the coaching staff before they offer.”

Georgia is not alone in checking out the fleet-footed youngster.

“I am hearing from Ohio State, Florida, Florida State, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Syracuse and Maryland,” Autry said. “Ohio State came by three weeks ago and said they really liked me. Miami invited me to camp this summer and Alabama said they definitely want to see me this summer. When Alvin goes to visit Alabama, they want me to come with him. They came to the spring game to watch Alvin and me.”

Syracuse and Georgia Tech have already offered, but it is the Buckeyes offer that Autry really wants.

“Ohio State is my dream team,” Autry said. “When they came down, my coach texted me to let me know they were coming by to see me. I talked to them later and they said they loved me and they need a class of 2014 running back. They want me to come up there and attend a camp with them this summer. From there they will determine if they are going to offer me.”

Autry would have more offers as a running back -- but with Kamara in the backfield, he has to be patient as the ESPN 150 playmaker receives most of the carries. With Kamara locking down the running back position, Autry has looked elsewhere to get on the field.

“I mostly played defense last year,” Autry said. “On kick return and punt return, every time I touched it I returned it. At the end of the season, the other teams started kicking away from me.”

This year things will be different. Autry is spending most of his time on offense with Kamara, giving the Blue Devils a devastating combination.

“At Norcross we have me in the slot and Alvin in the backfield, but sometimes we switch it up,” Autry said. “Sometimes they have me in the wildcat at quarterback with Alvin beside me and we do damage from there. Either of us might run it or I might throw it too.”

Autry says he and Kamara complement each other and will create nightmares for opposing defensive coordinators.

“Alvin and I work together on the field,” Autry said. “I love him as a person. It is working out fine and I have no problem with it. We work together perfectly. We are like brothers. I always know where he is on the field and most likely he knows where I am at. It is a good chemistry.”

Kamara calls Autry his protégé and says that Autry’s recruitment will rival or surpass his own well-documented journey. Autry, for his part, calls Kamara a mentor and says he would enjoy following Kamara to the next level.

“I haven’t talked to him about it yet but we will talk about it later,” Autry said. “I mean if we did, it would be awesome.”

In the meantime, Autry is content to learn what lessons he can. For example, he has adapted Kamara’s pregame ritual.

“Before games he likes to listen to slow songs, like Chris Brown,” Autry said. “He doesn’t listen to hype music. He has me doing it now. The slow beat just makes you think about the game. You can just see yourself doing big things on the field.”