DN Roundtable: UGA superlatives

A few weeks into summer provides the perfect time to get out the yearbook and look at what classmates wrote on the blank pages. After reading all the invitations to “Stay cool!” and “Let’s hang out!” one invariably turns to the awards section. In this week’s DawgNation Roundtable discussion the DN staff, with input from one UGA fan, is giving out the Georgia Bulldogs’ version of the senior awards. But we are not limited to the seniors -- we have opened up nominations to the entire team.

Most likely to succeed

David Ching: Ty Frix. Believe it or not, Frix -- who graduated in May -- is the only biomedical engineering major on the football team.

Radi Nabulsi: Jarvis Jones. He will be a first-round draft pick, and he is disciplined and wiser than his years suggest.

Kipp Adams: John Theus. He has the mindset and talent to play on Sundays. He also is used to winning, with three state championship rings at Bolles High School in Jacksonville, Fla.

Comeback_King: Aaron Murray. He is smart and talented.

Best dressed