Players comment on UGA team scrimmage

Several Georgia players met with reporters after the Bulldogs' second preseason scrimmage on Wednesday at Sanford Stadium. Here is some of what they had to say:

Aaron Murray on the starting offense's performance:

We scored like four or five times today. We scored on the first three possessions. That’s 21 points right off the bat. We had two series where we didn’t move the ball as well, but you’re going to have those times in the game. And then we finished off strong with two more touchdowns at the end of the game, too -- one with three-minute drill when we had to eat up the clock and we scored and then in overtime, we scored again. So we scored on five of our possessions out of eight or nine, so that’s more than 50 percent.

Murray on progress he wants to see from offense:

Just continue to be more consistent. Today we started off real hot and we looked great offensively. It died down a little bit in between with a couple of series and then we picked it back up. We just don’t want those lulls. We want to continue with a high pace the entire game.

Murray on quarterbacks' ball security:

We’ve been pretty sharp all camp, I think, of really doing a great job of … I know we’ve really cut down on the interceptions. I don’t think we’ve thrown many interceptions. And fumble-wise, I think we’ve really done a great job with that. I think today we were not as good, as sharp as we need to be -- a couple fumbles in the pocket, maybe not keeping two hands on the ball at all times. So we’ve just got to be more careful when you’re in the pocket. There’s big bodies moving around you. You’ve really got to make sure you secure the ball.

Murray on Christian Conley's scrimmage:

He had a great game today. He had a couple catches. He had one, I think him and I hooked up for like a 70-yard touchdown on the second possession, where he did a great job getting open and using his speed after that. But he’s had a great camp along with I feel like we have seven, eight guys that could be starting right now for us at receiver, which is great. Guys are rotating in and stuff like that and keeping guys fresh.

Christian Conley on his 114 receiving yards today:

We had some play-actions. Play-actions we’re doing a great job. Coach Bobo and Aaron did some great film study looking at our defense and we saw where the holes were and we ran some play-action today and the defense bit on it and Aaron made a great throw. So I had the opportunity to make some of those catches and make some big plays. I guess the biggest one was on a boot play-action play that we had and the corner bit, I gave him a good move and Aaron just made a great pass.

Conley on Gurley’s performance:

I’m seeing a lot of great things out of Todd. He’s definitely maturing very fast. He’s definitely picking up the plays very fast, finding the running lanes. He’s got great vision and he’s actually got a lot of speed for a guy who’s that big. He has a knack for staying on his feet when he’s getting hit and he’ll just keep moving and protecting the ball.

More Conley on Gurley:

It gets me very excited when you see a running back who can create plays like that when there’s really nothing there. It takes a lot of pressure off of you as a receiver because if there’s a lot more emphasis put on the backfield, then you can make a lot more plays out there. So I feel like our blocking downfield is helping him, but he also has great playmaking ability.

Conley on Blake Tibbs’ potential this season:

I feel like Tibbs is growing. He’s definitely growing. He’s coming along greatly. The coaches are doing a great job of putting a lot of emphasis into his training and he’s eating it up. He’s learning a lot. He’s making more and more plays every day, which is evident, which you can see on paper. I feel like he’s getting better and the coaches are going to keep cultivating him so he can help us out.

Shawn Williams on Mark Richt's dissatisfaction with scrimmage:

I just feel like he has a high standard for us and we’ve got to practice up to that level every day. We might come out and have a good practice and he’s still going to say the same thing because it’s not great.

Williams on defense's performance:

All right’s not good enough for us. It’s not acceptable. Good’s not acceptable. We’ve got to be great. That’s what we’re trying to be when we come out there.

Williams on his favorite special teams play today:

We did a punt today. I think the guy might have punted it like 60 yards. I was running forever and I was thinking, ‘He must not have kicked the ball.’ I just kept running. It was a live rep and I think Sheldon Dawson caught the ball and I tackled him. I was right there in his face. I just got down there quick and got to the ball.

Corey Moore on his interception in red zone:

I read Michael Bennett’s double move and I just waited for the route to come back to me and I picked off the ball.

Moore on how comfortable he is at safety:

I don’t want to play too loose and get too comfortable, but I just try to have fun out there, as much as possible. I’m going to mess up and then you’re going to hear Grantham. That’s what I love about him. He’s not the type of coach that’s going to praise you about something. He wants you to get better at whatever you do, so you can’t get too comfortable out there because playing up under Coach Grantham, you’ve got to be on your P’s and Q’s.