TE Smith charged with filing false report

ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith was arrested late Friday night and accused of falsely reporting textbooks as stolen, only to have actually sold them back to a local bookstore, according to police.

“He filed a police report stating his books had been stolen to the police department,” UGA police chief Jimmy Williamson said. “The police department started investigating this crime to see if we could find his books or find the responsible party, and we did. We found out that he was the one that sold his books to a local book-buy store and he had filed a report with us falsely.”

Smith was booked into Athens-Clarke County jail at 10:56 p.m. on Friday and charged with false report of a crime. He was released at 12:41 a.m. on $1,000 bond.

Williamson said Flournoy-Smith filed the report earlier this week and his detectives visited a number of area bookstores in order to track them down. Once they located the books, Williamson said, their interviews with the store clerk and with Flournoy-Smith led them to believe he had been the one to sell back the books.

They sought and were granted a warrant and will attempt to prosecute because of the waste of resources involved in the investigation, Williamson said.

“This situation here, it appeared that he needed money and he sold the books back,” Williamson said. “The books are issued to him, I guess athletics can say more about it, through the program. When there’s a loss, he has to make them aware. And to cover up what he’d done, he had to file a police report.

“If somebody files a report with us and we have someone assigned to investigate it and we do everything we can to find it, that’s credible and real. There’s a lot of resources spent on it and all it was was one lie to cover another lie, so we prosecuted. When we figure out someone knowingly falsifies a police report, then we prosecute.”

The rising sophomore appeared in eight games last season, but did not register a catch while playing behind junior Arthur Lynch and redshirt freshman Jay Rome.