Barking Dawgs: UGA quotes of the week

ATHENS, Ga. -- As the No. 7 Georgia Bulldogs (2-0) prepare for their Week 3 matchup against Florida Atlantic (1-1) on Saturday, here is a selection of quotes from the Bulldogs coaches and players from throughout the week:

“He does deflect any kind of personal glory to the team. I think he’s very sincere. Some guys say it because they think that’s what people want to hear, but Jarvis is sincere about it just like A.J. [Green] was. They are humble guys. They like football and they like their teammates, they like their coaches and they like Georgia. More than anything, they just enjoy playing the game.” -- Georgia coach Mark Richt, on All-America linebacker Jarvis Jones’ humble nature

“I knew when they walked everyone up, it was either if I didn’t get my block or if T.K. dropped the ball, those were the only two things that would’ve stopped that play. They brought the house on that one and I knew, ‘Get your tail out there and go get that guy.’ I did and it was definitely a big play for me and definitely a big play that swung the game.” -- Center David Andrews, on his key second-quarter block that helped spring receiver Tavarres King for a long gain, setting up a touchdown in last week’s win against Missouri

“You can say all these things and fans can be like, ‘Oh, where are the tight ends? They’re not as good as last year,’ and this and that. But I think me and Jay have a chance to even be as good as we were last year in a sense. We both know what to do, we both know how to do it, I think we’re pretty physical. He’s young and I have experience, but I’m still growing and learning how to do things. I think we can grow each week. In time I think the opportunities will come and we’ll be able to take advantage of those opportunities.” -- Arthur Lynch, on the tight ends’ limited role in Georgia’s passing game thus far

“Artie really hasn’t said much to me. I think he’s just excited to be out there competing and playing. … He’s definitely not going to go all season without getting some passes thrown to him. He’ll have his time to shine and get passes and get touchdowns.” -- Quarterback Aaron Murray, on whether Lynch has lobbied for some passes in his direction

“I don’t worry about that. If it happens, it happens, but I don’t worry about that. I’d go to the sidelines and all the O-linemen and Coach [Will] Friend and Aaron [Murray], they were all great supporters, telling me to shake it off the next play and that’s what we tried to focus on.” -- Freshman right tackle John Theus, on whether he was worried about being benched after getting flagged for three penalties and allowing two sacks against Missouri

“I think the run game’s coming along pretty well and we’re not going to do anything but get better at it. Just small blocks here or there. There’s a bunch of times on tape where it’s just one or two small things that could have broken really long runs. That just comes with consistency and repetition and going through the season, we’re not going to do anything but get better. We’re going to come out and work hard every week and work on the little things and it’s going to get better every week.” -- Tight end Jay Rome, on Georgia’s developing running game

“You’ve got to make sure the guys’ eyes are where they’re supposed to be. He did a great job at it and he wasn’t the only one. We had some guys [Josh Harvey-Clemons and Marc Deas] that were in hot pursuit who were in position, as well, but the credit goes to those guys. You put a good plan together, but they’re the ones who have to go out there and execute it and Richard did a great job at it.” -- Georgia punt returns coach Bryan McClendon, on Richard Samuel sniffing out a fake punt for a key stop against Missouri

“You’ve got a big, athletic guy that has played some pretty good football for us. He’s got some experience. He has the physical skills you look for at both positions, corner and safety. He’s a veteran guy, he’s eager to get back, he’s eager to play, he’s hungry. So we’re excited to get him back and look forward to getting his feet wet and getting him going a little bit.” -- Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, on what defensive back Sanders Commings brings to the defense upon his return from suspension

“I’m just anxious more than anything. I’m not trying to go out there and show off. I’ll do what I’ve been doing since I’ve been here. That’s just work hard at practice and execute on Saturday.” -- Commings, on returning to the lineup

“In our nickel package, he can play basically up to three things as an outside guy and we’ll play him at all three of those. He’s been practicing all of that stuff since last spring and we’re glad to get him back. He does add a little bit of coverage and pass-rush dimension to our backer corps, so it’s always good to get those kind of guys back because you can have different packages for third down and things like that.” -- Grantham, on outside linebacker Chase Vasser’s return from his own two-game suspension

“It’s a big deal. I think Russ has earned his stripes and I think Russ is ready. He had a good offseason, too, from what I heard.” -- Richt in a lighter moment, discussing interim mascot Russ’ upcoming promotion to Uga IX in a ceremony before the Florida Atlantic game