Texas teams enjoy a rare snow day

There's some snow in Texas, y'all.

In some parts of the country, people call this "football weather." In Texas, it's cause for celebration.

When real, live snow hit the ground on Friday morning across parts of central, south and southeast Texas, people were generally excited, because it's not something seen often around those parts. If you live in Houston, Austin, San Antonio or College Station, chances are your social-media feed was jam-packed with pictures and videos of citizens enjoying the winter weather.

That goes for the state's college football teams, too, who are accustomed to blistering summers and 70-degree Decembers.

How excited were they? The Longhorns took to Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium to have their own late-night snowball fights on the turf. It's all captured here, set to "Let it snow:"

Kyle Field, Texas A&M's 102,500-seat palace, was also quite picturesque as snow fell late Thursday night:

Houston got its share, too, though the red light makes it a challenge to see.

Sam Houston State, which hosts Kennesaw State in the FCS quarterfinals, took on some snow, too:

And just east of Texas, Louisiana got some snow. LSU was getting in the winter spirit as well. IT'S SNEAUXING Y'ALL:

Tiger Stadium looks just as intimidating in snow as it does on Saturday nights:

As you can see, Mike the Tiger took it all in, too.