Sandland taking time with offers

Yet another 2013 prospect picked up an offer from LSU in what has been a busy week for the Tigers' coaching staff.

The most recent name the Tigers have passed an offer to is Beau Sandland, a junior college tight end from Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif. The monstrous 6-foot-5, 250-pound prospect caught wind of his offer on the same day as Marietta, Ga., offensive guard Brandon Kublanow. Sandland said he caught wind of the good news from LSU tight ends coach Steve Ensminger.

Much like Kublanow, Sandland said the offer came as a bit of a surprise, since the Tigers have not really been on his radar so far this spring.

"It was kind of a surprise, because the first contact I ever had with them was (Sunday) night," Sandland said. "I talked to the tight ends coach, and he let me know that they were offering me."

Given his limited contact with LSU to this point, Sandland said an unexpected offer from the Tigers gives him a lot to consider. But he added that the brand name and success associated with LSU is something that will factor heavily into his thought process, despite being a non-factor earlier this week.

"Obviously it's exciting, it's humbling," he said. "They're going to be a school I'm going to consider heavily, just being LSU. Their name speaks for itself -- being in the SEC, being the pride of the best conference in college football, being in the national championship every year."

Sandland added that the Tigers' reputation for getting players into the NFL during Les Miles' tenure is something that can't be ignored.

That's not to say LSU is the only name brand program giving Sandland a look. He also holds offers from the likes of Arizona, Florida, Miami, Nebraska, and Ole Miss. Adding LSU to the mix just gives Sandland more to do this fall when he begins visiting campuses.

"I haven't scheduled any official visits, except for Ole Miss. I'll be visiting there (Sept. 15) ," he said. "But I'll be taking all five of my officials, and we'll see where this goes ... I can definitely see (LSU) being a place I would take an official to. I wish I could take more officials, since you're restricted to five."

For the time being, Sandland said he'll settle for getting to know the LSU coaching staff a bit better. He said Ensminger is planning a visit out to Pierce to watch practice "in the next couple of weeks."

One of the topics they're sure to discuss will be the role of the tight end in LSU's power offense. Tight end hasn't typically been a prolific position in Miles' offenses, as the Tigers use them mostly to block in their heavy run sets. The best single season receiving mark for a tight end under Miles was Richard Dickson's 375 yards in 2007 -- not exactly a gaudy total.

"I'm willing to be the complete tight end in the running game and the passing game, but the little I do know about LSU from watching them is they run a lot of power, a lot of double tight end sets," Sandland said. "That's something I look into, but I see myself as more of a receiving tight end. That's what I like doing, and I feel like that's where my strengths are."

Ensminger and the Tigers will have plenty of time to talk to Sandland about it. Although the offers continue to pour in, he said he plans to go through the full recruiting process before coming to a decision.

"I plan on taking this through to December, to signing day," he said. "That could change, but that's what my plan has been all along. I'm only going to get recruited once, so I want to have fun with it, and I don't want to rush anything."