With UF, LSU faces tough SEC schedules

If you wanted to keep the Florida series alive, you were in luck Friday as SEC presidents and athletic directors voted to adopt a 6-1-1 schedule format.

That means six games against division foes, one game against a permanent cross-division opponent and one against a rotating opponent from the opposite division.

The permanent cross-division opponent for LSU will be Florida. It's for this reason that LSU was openly opposed to the 6-1-1 format. Florida offers the Tigers a difficult opponent, but not necessarily the natural rivalry of an Alabama-Tennessee or Georgia-Auburn cross-division game.

But LSU is stuck with it. And the Tigers will also have Western Division games every year against Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas and incoming member Texas A&M.

This will guarantee that, in most seasons, LSU's schedule will be among the nation's most difficult, even if Tigers don't play a tough non-conference game, like the 2011 opener against Oregon.