Robinson plans to visit next month

Rashard Robinson will have his chance with LSU, but it won't come this week.

There's been plenty of speculation this spring about Robinson (Pompano Beach, Fla./Blanche Ely), who many suspect could become LSU's most recent commitment out of its pipeline to south Florida. But while some thought that news would come sooner rather than later, Robinson said he's got a busy summer ahead of him before he makes any decisions.

While the first of LSU's on-campus football camps is happening this week, it'll be next month's camp when Robinson has a chance to visit Baton Rouge and showcase himself to the coaches.

"I'm going to LSU for their camp July 15, and I'll be playing seven-on-seven ... so I'm going to be busy the whole summer," he said. "I'm just trying to get as much work in so in the fall everything goes smoothly."

Robinson said he can't make this week's camp at LSU because he doesn't finish school for another week or so. But although he's not ready to pull the trigger, he lists the Tigers as his favorite and said he's excited for his visit.

"We have a great relationship right now, and I'm looking forward to going up there and experiencing how it is, so we have a pretty strong relationship," he said.

Robinson is one of the first group of recruits to deal with new LSU secondary coach Corey Raymond. That relationship is something he stressed when discussing his interest in LSU, particularly Raymond's upfront approach to the recruiting process.

"He's honest with me. He tells me where I need to improve," Robinson said. "Recently he was telling me not to be so aggressive when I jam, and he tells me to work on my short quickness because I'm a tall guy. So he's just very honest, and I know good or bad he's going to tell me how it is. He doesn't sugarcoat anything, and that's one thing I appreciate about him."

Robinson will get his opportunity to have the LSU experience in the coming weeks, just not right now. In the meantime he said he's not in a big rush to make his decision, regardless of what's being said. He listed Ohio State, Florida State, Miami, Tennessee and Oklahoma as some of the programs that he has talked to this spring, with Syracuse, Ole Miss and Florida State as some others that have extended offers.

"I'm trying to hold off until signing day, but if anything happens that hits the right spot, then I'm just going to go ahead and pull the trigger," he said.