SEC media days: Talking LSU

Gators coach Will Muschamp believes the LSU-UF game is good for the SEC. Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Here are some quotes by SEC coaches and players about LSU at SEC Media Days this morning.

Florida coach Will Muschamp on LSU as a permanent cross-division opponent: "I think that Florida-LSU is good for our game. Les has done a tremendoux job at LSU. Urban did a great job at Florida. You really look at from '03 to know, your'e looking at teams that have won three national championships and LSU played for another one last year. Both programs are operating at a high level."

Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen on last year's LSU game: "I look back, last year, LSU, NMo. 1 team in the country, wins the SEC championship, it was 14-9 in the fourth quarter. We took some shots down the field, 0-for-3 for those shots. We catch one of those, make a touchdown, that becomes 16-14 at home. On a Thursday night with our defense going out on the field that have played pretty well, you're in the opportunity now to win that game. It's those one big plays that can make difference in the games."

Mullen on Tyrann Mathieu: "I think Mathieu at LSU is one heck of a football player. He makes plays, does an amazing job in utilizing his ability. He's always around the ball making big plays."

Arkansas coach John L. Smith on playing LSU in Fayetteville instead of Little Rock: "We like having them at home. I mean, we love Little Rock. Our players, our coaches, our fans love Little Rock. But, you know, we'd just as soon play LSU at home, I guess."