Deep passes friendly to LSU

Here are some interesting statistics from the crew of ESPN stats of information, all encouraging if you are an LSU fan:

Mettenberger extends the field

NEXT LEVEL: Zach Mettenberger has completed more than 50 percent of his passes thrown 15 yards or more downfield in three straight games. Mettenberger is the first LSU quarterback to accomplish this feat in the last four seasons. The Tigers are 12-0 since the start of 2010 when they complete more than 50 percent of their throws of 15 yards or more. LSU passing on throws of 15 or more yards since start of 2010 season:

Completion percentage:

  • Mettenberger, 75.0

  • Rest of team, 36.4

Yards per attempt

  • Mettenberger, 19.8

  • Rest of team, 11.3


  • Mettenberger, 3-0

  • Rest of team, 12-8

• LSU completed 4-of-7 passes thrown downfield 15 yards or more for 138 yards and two touchdowns in its win against Auburn last season. In its loss to Auburn in 2010, LSU was 1-of-7 for 38 yards with one touchdown and an interception.

• Auburn is allowing its ranked opponents to complete 41.7 percent of their passes thrown 15 yards or more since the start of 2011 season. In the Tigers’ five losses to ranked opponents during that time period, they allowed opponents to complete 48.3 percent with five touchdowns and no interceptions (31.6 pct, 2 TD, 2 Int in 2 wins).

Four is enough

NEXT LEVEL: LSU has sent five or more pass rushers on 24.7 percent (24 of 97) of its opponents’ passing plays (passing attempts and sacks) this season. When blitzing this season, the Tigers have allowed three touchdowns and have yet to sack the quarterback. When sending four or fewer pass rushers, they have four sacks and have allowed just one touchdown on 69 attempts. LSU pass defense when sending five or more pass rushers this season:

Pct. of passing plays:

  • Blitz, 24.7

  • No blitz, 75.3


  • Blitz, 3-1

  • No blitz, 1-5

Yards per play:

  • Blitz, 6.9

  • No blitz, 3.8


  • Blitz, 0

  • No blitz, 4

• Auburn completed 2-of-8 passes when LSU sent five or more pass rushers last season (12-16 vs four or fewer pass rushers).

LSU’s secondary tough to beat deep

NEXT LEVEL: LSU has not allowed a completion on a pass thrown 25 yards or more downfield this season. Since the start of last season, only Alabama in the National Championship Game and West Virginia in Week 4 have had more completions than the Tigers have had interceptions on these throws. LSU's defensive performance against throws of 25 or more yards since the start of last season:

  • Attempts, 46

  • Passes defended, 16

  • Interceptions, 9

  • Completions, 5 (1 TD)