Mailbag: Can LSU land Seals-Jones?

Recruiting writer David Helman is back with another GeauxTigerNation mailbag, taking questions about LSU football and the Tigers' recruiting efforts this year.

From Mike D.: How realistic of a hope is it for LSU to land Ricky Seals-Jones when this recruiting class winds down?

If Seals-Jones, who appears to be on the road to recovery, is serious about being down to LSU and Texas A&M, you've got to feel at least hopeful about the odds of him coming to Baton Rouge. Of course, you have to give a slight nod to the Aggies as the homestate squad -- College Station and the A&M campus are only 90 minutes from Seals-Jones in Sealy, Texas, as opposed to the five or six hour drive to LSU.

As far as the logistics, LSU undoubtedly will keep a spot open in its class for a player of that caliber. Everything else seems pretty even: LSU is a more established program, but A&M is bound to wing the ball around more in Kevin Sumlin's pass-happy offense. And Sumlin is sure to tout the fact that he's found the quarterback of the future in freshman Johnny Manziel. The Tigers are sure to point out their former big-body receivers, like Dwayne Bowe and Rueben Randle, who are currently running routes in the NFL.

I wouldn't get my hopes too high, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Seals-Jones makes the call for LSU, either.

From Adam H.: What position in this recruiting class excites you most going forward?

There are a couple of obvious answers I could go with here, but I've talked ad nauseam about positions like defensive end. Instead, I'd like to give some credit to the unsung heroes. It looks like fullback J.C. Copeland's injury scare isn't going to be as bad as initially thought -- he might even play this weekend against Florida. But we've seen what wonders a brutalizing fullback can do for LSU's power run game.

Kennard Swanson is probably one of LSU's most unheralded recruits this cycle. Fullback is not a particularly flashy position, and Swanson isn't particularly coveted -- some even consider him one of the Tigers' first recruiting casualties if the class gets crowded. But the potential loss of Copeland underscores what a bruising, 250-pound fullback can do for a running game -- and that's exactly the role Swanson is expected to fill.

From @BrandonLoveday: Have you seen or heard anything this week that makes you think we will see the LSU team that played UW and not Towson?

The players definitely have been penitent this week -- the embarrassment of a 16-point win against an FCS squad showed all over their faces in the early part of the week. And for his part, LSU coach Les Miles has said all the right things about getting his team back on track and correcting all the mistakes. My only concern is that it's a lot more complicated than just flipping a switch to become motivated and dominant -- the way LSU fans want to see this team play.

I actually think the Tigers are sufficiently superior to Florida that they'll get this win by a relatively comfortable 10 to 14 points, which is an opinion not many seem to share. But I'm starting to think we aren't going to see too many 40-point beatings like we did against Washington, or about eight of the Tigers' games last fall.