Inside The Program: LSU's Les Miles

LSU coach Les Miles sat down with Jenn Brown early Tuesday and gave some insight into the mentality of his team right now -- if not the X's and O's of preparing for Saturday's SEC West rivalry with Alabama.

On coming out of bye week: "We like the energy and effort ... I think our coaching staff has a good plan, i think the players are enjoying preparing. I think we're getting ready."

On keeping emotions in check for rematch with Bama: "It really is how we play And we didn't feel like we played like we were capable. So our focus is to correct the things that we can correct. And that's us. If we do that we'll play well."

On his previous comment that Death Valley is where dreams come to die, amid 21-game win streak at home: "One the people that fill that stadium are very much attached to our football team. They know our guys, they know what majors they have, they know what they look like, where they're from, what high school, how they play, and they are on their feet virtually from first snap to the last snap. You know, our football team plays to that place, plays to the emotion that's in that stadium. It's the best place for the Tigers to play."

On stretching Alabama's defense: "No question and htey play great coverage. They can rush the passer. We have to have the ability when they decide to stop the run we have to test them and throw it. And when they decide to stop the pass, we'll gear it up and we'll be able to run it. That's really, in a nutshell, kind of our thought process.

On potential for trick plays: "When you play real quality defense and you play quality offense, for that matter, special ... basically that those plays are getting an edge, finding a spot in the offense defense or special teams that maybe is vulnerable. Not a lot of those in this week's game plan."