Former LSU women's goalie tries out at PK

BATON ROUGE, La. -- LSU coach Les Miles had a roster full of scholarship players to talk about Tuesday after the first practice in pads, but all anyone wanted to talk about was a walk-on kicker.

That's probably because the kicker in question is former LSU soccer player Mo Isom, and she could potentially be the first female football player in school history.

Isom is in the middle of an open tryout for kickers during spring practice. She has not been available for comment since the Tigers opened practice March 2, but on Tuesday Miles fielded half a dozen questions from reporters about her prospects of making the team, and the questions it would raise.

"If she gave us an opportunity and an advantage, and I mean an added advantage, we would certainly consider (adding her to the team)," Miles said. "The real interesting thing is there has to be an advantage obtained."

Miles said Isom and "anywhere between six and 12" other hopefuls underwent a kicking tryout Tuesday afternoon, and they will continue the process Thursday at the Tigers' next practice. Miles noted that Tuesday wasn't a great day for a kicker tryout, as winds from the nearby Mississippi River created rough conditions.

Isom was a three-year starter at keeper for the LSU women's soccer team. She earned 22 shutouts and was named to the SEC All-Freshman team in 2008. In that same season, she earned national notoriety when she made SportsCenter's top 10 when she scored a goal against BYU on a free kick from her own penalty box.

Isom worked out with the team during the 2011 season, and Miles said although he did not see her work, he heard positive feedback about it.

If the Tigers were to add Isom to their roster, it would make LSU one of just a handful of schools to ever feature a female player. Miles acknowledged it would raise some issues, such as what to do with a female in a male-dominated locker room, but he said Isom's background in athletics eased his concerns about it.

"Certainly there would be issues like that, there really would be," Miles said. "The good thing about it is she's an athlete. She's been through a team before, she understands the commitment. I would have much less reservations with her than I would any number of other people that, frankly, didn't know what they were getting into."

Isom is set to continue her tryout when the Tigers return to the practice field Thursday, but Miles didn't know where the process would go from there. If any history is to be made on the LSU roster, it doesn't look to be coming in the immediate future.

"I don't know that there's any timetable on that, to be honest with you," Miles said. "It's probably safe to say that there won't be any of those people joining the team this spring. But it really would depend on how it all came out. If there was an exceptional kicker, no matter who it was, we would certainly see it and make that opportunity available."