LSU camp: McClellan shows athleticism

BATON ROUGE, La. -- In a 7-on-7 drill Tuesday morning at LSU's June football camp, a burly running back who looked a little bit like a defensive lineman getting to play around with the offense flared out to his left looking for a pass.

The quarterback opted to dump a pass off to him, but his throw was a bit behind the target. That's when the big man quit looking like a defensive lineman. He deftly turned his body to adjust to a throw, snagged the ball out of their air in his fingertips with ease, then planted his left foot on the ground to reverse pivot and maneuver around the linebacker covering him in the flat.

It was an eye-catching moment for a player who wasn't a lineman fooling around in the backfield, but a serious candidate to score a scholarship offer as a fullback.