GeauxTigerNation Mailbag (June 15)

GTN writers Gary Laney and David Helman answer your questions in this week's mailbag. You can send questions to glaneyespn@gmail.com or helmanespn@gmail.com or their Twitter accounts, helmanespn or glaneyespn.

Today, they'll discuss:

1. Recruiting grades

2. What LSU coach is under the most pressure

3. Junior college basketball prospect John Odoh

Question (Mark in Denver): We see how ESPN ranks LSU's recruiting class but those are guys looking from the outside in. As the folks who cover LSU the most, how would you rate their recruiting class so far?

Gary Laney: It's a B-plus, bordering on an A if LSU can close the deal on the likes of Kendell Beckwith, Tim Williams and Greg Gilmore.

What's good about what LSU has done is it has met needs that aren't going to win you style points. LSU has a commitment from a junior college tight end and a fullback and it's offering a kicker. These aren't sexy positions that are going to add 5-star studs to your class. But with the way LSU plays, it absolutely needs these pieces and it's done well to find them.