3 up, 3 down: LSU 20, Arkansas 13

Three things we liked, and didn't like, from LSU's 20-13 win over Arkansas Friday:

Three up

1. Jarvis Landry: If you haven't seen Landry's spectacular 22-yard touchdown catch from Zach Mettenberger in the second quarter, you should take a look. The twisting, one-handed grab while staying inbounds in the back of the end zone was not only the catch of the weekend, it was possibly the catch of the year in college football.

2. Special day: From Drew Alleman's 2-for-2 day in field goals, Michael Ford's 86-yard kickoff return to Brad Wing's 48.2 average on six punts, LSU was able to take advantage of hidden yardage to help make up for a gaping deficit in total yards.

3. Take away/don't give away: LSU forced two turnovers: A fumble forced by Lamin Barrow and recovered by Chancey Aghayere, killing a Razorbacks drive at the Tigers' 2-yard line, and an interception by Tharold Simon. LSU has an SEC-best 31 take-aways. On offense, the Tigers were turnover free.

Three down

1. Playing down: LSU's last two opponents, Arkansas and Ole Miss, were a combined 9-14. Yet, 10-2 LSU came within two touchdowns of being swept in two close games. The Tigers, who also barely escaped a 12-10 win over lowly Auburn, has a tendency to play to the level of their opponent.

2. 300 Club: Arkansas joined Ole Miss and Mississippi State in teams that passed for more than 300 yards against LSU, all in the last three games. Tyler Wilson's 359 yards passing were the most allowed by the Tigers this season. LSU has work to do in the secondary.

3. Thanksgiving weekend in Fayetteville: A Thanksgiving weekend game is great for a rivalry where fans can drive down for the game after digesting extra portions of dressing and turkey on Thursday. An Arkansas-LSU game on Friday is doesn't qualify, as it is a hike from Baton Rouge to Fayetteville, and vice versa. It's not exactly the most drivable game on a holiday weekend for the visiting team. In terms of convenience, LSU-Texas A&M makes more sense. Or, at least play the LSU-Arkansas game on a Saturday to give the visiting team's fans a better chance to travel.