Who to watch in 2012: No. 4, Kyle Kalis

With the end of the calendar year approaching, WolverineNation has decided to count down the five athletes we’re expecting the most out of in 2012.

No. 4 Kyle Kalis

I want to be careful with this one, because I think wording it as we’re expecting a lot out of Kalis in 2012 is a little misleading. Let me explain.

Kalis is being touted as one of the top offensive linemen in the country, a nasty, college-ready athlete. Michigan has definite concerns with depth on the offensive line next season, and if injuries occur then the coaching staff is going to need help.

I don’t think Kalis will come in and start right away, but since he is so highly regarded I think the fans are expecting him to see some action early. Whether that’s coming in for an injured player, or serving in a backup role, the Wolverines need Kalis to meet his expectations.

If Kalis can come in and grasp the mental side of the game then he could help make the competition at offensive line that much more intense. And who knows, maybe he will end up starting as a true freshman. Either way, it would be a huge boost if Kalis lives up to his hype along the offensive line.