Quick hits from Michigan football players

NEW ORLEANS -- Michigan made its players available on Sunday one final time before Tuesday's Allstate Sugar Bowl, after a week in New Orleans and a season where the Wolverines won 10 games and became a BCS bowl team.

It's been a long ride, and for the seniors, they recognize Tuesday ends their Michigan careers, so it has been a little bit of a different feeling knowing that it is almost over for them.

Here's what Michigan players had to say, as always in easy-to-digest bullet form:


  • Not surprisingly, Molk doesn't like Twitter. He has an account and has used it once. "It's a useless ego boost," Molk said. "It's like 'Oh, I have 10,000 followers.' Well, congratulations. You have 10,000 people that kind of don't care what you have to say but they aren't going to show it. It's not like you're going to truly affect anybody but putting something on Twitter and it kind of turns into white noise."

  • Molk also thinks Twitter is dangerous because it is easy to do. He actually wrote a paper on it and he said he is against Twitter for individualized branding. "It's something that you can reach and approach a larger fan base if you're already established, like if you're Shaq or have a million followers, it's another way to connect yourself. But building yourself through Twitter is kind of useless because you can build yourself to a certain number of followers but at the same time those really aren't meaningful followers."

  • Molk went to bed before midnight on New Year's Eve -- or so he says. It's the earliest he said he's been asleep on New Year's Eve. "I'm sure the ones before are 1 o'clock, 1:30. This was 11:15. I'm old."

  • He'll train for the NFL Combine and Draft in Plymouth, Mich., with former Michigan strength coach Mike Barwis.


  • On when being thought of a walk-on ended: "You know, I like the walk-on mentality. It's kind of a chip that I've always carried with me, a chip on my shoulder that will never leave and something I am so proud of. But the stigma may have left probably early this year. I think it took that long for a lot of people to finally accept 'OK, this kid is a walk-on but he can play.' It took a couple years but I tried not to listen to the media or the blogs or anything like that. So it was a chip that was on my shoulder and will continue to be on my shoulder. That's what a lot of great players do, they find something to fuel them and that was my fuel."


  • He and Steve Watson have a room in the team hotel facing away from Bourbon Street, so they missed out on the fireworks on New Year's Eve. Koger was getting a bunch of text messages, though, around 11 p.m. central time, when it became Jan. 1, 2012 in the eastern time zone, and thought that was strange.

  • On end of his time at Michigan coming this week: "Me and Molk were talking just the other day about how we only have two days left and then we're not Michigan football players anymore. For the past four years, we've been looking forward to next season. We can't look forward anymore."

  • Koger is impressed with "the amount of risks" Virginia Tech's defense takes. They move different players around and on film, the Hokies remind him of Michigan State in how they blitz, which is up the middle and also blitzing the boundary corner.

  • He has one more semester left, so he said he'll be taking a full course load next semester while training for the NFL Combine and draft. He is a sports management major.


  • Is it challenging to stay focused in a place like New Orleans? "I thought it would be. I said something earlier today that in the beginning of the week, I was kind of worried that we would have to really keep guys focused and that we would really have to harp on that but guys have been good. We have a few hours in the day to check out the city, whatever we need to do, and once we get to work, we get to work and it's the intensity and energy we need for that is what we need to be."

  • Michigan practiced in the ballroom at the team hotel Sunday instead of the practice field at Tulane, but Martin said it was still very intense.

  • Martin said the defense hasn't had a major dip at all this season. At points during games, it happened, but never for an entire game.

  • He said this week is "bittersweet" because after Tuesday, he'll be done at Michigan. But he's been filming and taking pictures all week from New Orleans.