David Molk's Monday Night Football

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- In one of the biggest professional sports days in the history of the state of Michigan -- the Detroit Tigers playing in game 2 of the ALCS followed by the Detroit Lions-Chicago Bears Monday Night Football game -- Michigan center and Illinois native David Molk couldn't help but get in on the excitement.

Asked Monday about what he thought of the Lions playing on Monday night, he responded that he planned on going to the game at Ford Field.

"I'm actually going. I'd like to see it," Molk said. "I'm interested in seeing the Lions play, even more than the Bears, because I know they've struggled. But (the Lions) have been great and I want to see them live."

As for Molk's rooting interest -- he's been in Michigan for five years. He grew up in Lemont, a western suburb of Chicago, his entire life. So while he said he was going to Ford Field, he's likely going to be in the minority of fans Monday night.

"I'm from Chicago," Molk said. "Got to root for the Bears."