AP history class teaches Jones a lesson

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- John Brogan stood at the front of his history classroom attempting to do what every good teacher does: make his class interesting and unique. He surveyed the class, which held several of the school’s athletes, and a thought came across his mind.

“Consider every battle through history like a football game,” he said to his AP U.S. history class before physically moving his students from the classroom to the football field.

“It was about who had more men and more powerful weapons would win,” Brogan said. “And they’d have to learn that teams that weren’t as big up front would have to get to outside and use speed and quickness. Well, no different than military strategy. A smaller army couldn’t fight a bigger army head on.”

This was something offensive tackle Jamarco Jones (Chicago/De La Salle Institute) understood. His varsity team had gone 4-5 the season before, losing to schools that had bigger arsenals of weaponry and players.