Quick hits from Hoke press conference

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Michigan coach Brady Hoke wrapped up the 2011 season with a brief press conference Thursday afternoon that touched on a lot of topics.

One of the big points was Hoke saying there was no change in Darryl Stonum's status after he was ticketed for driving with a revoked license earlier Thursday.

Here are other things he hit on, in easy-to-digest bullet form:

  • Hoke said he expects all of his assistants to return next season. As far as players, he said "I don't know." He said he'll address it with players.

  • His lasting memory: "The seniors after the Ohio (State) game, the laughter, the tears, all that. A couple nights ago you had some guys really step up and play maybe their best football games to some degree. Maybe the warrior in a couple of those guys like (David) Molk playing with a foot and don't ask because I don't know exactly anything on that yet, what exactly is wrong with it. Mike Martin had to play 70-something plays because of depth issues and played hard and played aggressive and played well. Ryan Van Bergen, those two guys, because we were down two, those two guys stepped up and played with a great spirit and with a great toughness."

  • On Denard Robinson and J.T. Floyd hearing back from the NFL: "They haven't heard anything yet. We'll talk about that in the next day or two." Other prospects from other schools have heard back about their draft evaluations.

  • On the brunette girls and kicker Brendan Gibbons: "It is something he told me. We kick a field goal at the end of every two-minute on Thursday and I always call a couple timeouts trying to ice the kicker. I asked him the first time, you're from Florida, aren't ya -- I knew where he was from -- and what makes you happy? I said 'The beach, you like the beach?' He said 'Yes.' I said 'What makes you happy?' He said 'I like the sand, like the water and pretty girls.' I said 'Pretty blondes?' He said 'No, pretty brunettes.' So that's the end of the story."

  • Hoke's strategy after Virginia Tech missed the field goal in overtime was to run the ball. Said he contemplated kicking on third down, but on second down ended up on a hash mark so on third down ran a "power play" to get to the middle of the field. Hoke said he didn't want to try for the end zone on that drive because "we hadn't really got in there besides the one high ball that Junior (Hemingway) makes a nice catch on, really the two catches that Junior makes." So instead he ran power three straight plays and set up Gibbons.

  • On Van Bergen's injury: "Hurt his foot and not sure exactly what. Got bent one way and then got stepped on. He did a nice job of sucking it up but he had a hard time pushing off the last six, seven plays. We (pulled him) a little bit when we got into the sub package with two outside guys and two inside guys so you're able, because of their personnel grouping, to relieve him a little bit but not much."

  • On his first year: "It's been good. These kids have been great. We've got great support, got a great staff. Dave Brandon has been great to work with. The 115 kids have been outstanding. Every day is a little different and there's a couple knuckleheads that you deal with but that's OK, I was one of those at one point. The kids have done a great job and the people, Michigan is the greatest place in the world."

  • Hoke said the message to next season's team will be, in some cases, exactly the same to this season's team.

  • On his next month: "We'll recruit, go out there and do that, go out there and be on the road quite a bit. We've got our national convention coming up. Just busy."

  • Assessing Robinson's play in the Sugar Bowl: "Well we won the football game not playing our best anywhere. That's how I assess it."